Kosmo Sleeper Seat from Korean Air

Kosmo SleeperThe Kosmo Sleeper Seat  gives first class travellers with Korean Air the opportunity to watch personal audio and video on demand,  and includes  a choice of over 40 movies and more than 200 music albums. The seat also reclines into a flat bed for those wishing to get much-needed rest on a long-haul flight. It’s unlikely that you’d find this stressful, but the chair also has the ability to  massage, just in case.

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  1. Greg says:

    The problem with Korean Air’s First class is they can’t decide on one seat. There are currently three (the red first class 150 degree reclinet, the red first class sleeper seat and now the new light blue first class Kosmo seat). I still see the regular red first class seat that reclines only 150 degrees which is just 11 degrees more than the old blue prestige class seat(this was on a 10 hour 777 flight between ICN and Las Vegas on 1/2/07). If I paid $4000 one way to Las Vegas and got a seat that only reclined 150 degrees, I would feel cheated. They need to get rid of the cheap old 150 degree recliners, we are not in the 1980s anymore. It takes forever to update cabins. Better to just pay for Prestige and wait for the 10 years it will take them to update every long haul plane.

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