New guesthouses from Hospes Hotels & Moments

Palacio del BailíoHospes Hotels & Moments – a small, exclusive  hotel chain in Spain – is converting three palaces and convents into sumptuous guest houses. The splendid Hospes Madrid, the inspiring Palacio del Bailío in Córdoba and the grand Palacio San Blas in Jerez will all open soon, and  have rates from $180 to $1,400+ per night.

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  1. Excellent hotel chain, very recommendable. Their hotel in Seville is very cosy and well located, and the one in Cordoba will be the first 5 stars in town, at last…the one in Jerez is also another great option for the city of sherry wine.

  2. Paul Johnson says:

    Hi Eduardo… is it a relatively new chain? I’m not sure if I’d come across it before…


  3. well, not so new, some of their hotels are into designhotels, like the one in Sevilla, maybe that covered a bit the promotion of Hospes. But I like it very much and it´s a quite exclusive hotel chain with very good ideas.

  4. Peter Nieuwland says:

    The correct name of the future opening of Hospes Madrid is HOSPES Madrid *****(opening Spring 2007). Spring 2007 will also see the opening of a Hospes hotel in the village of Puigcerda in the Catalan Pyrenees, the Villa Paulita. The hotel Hospes Palacio de San Blas in Jerez will not open before 2008. Hospes Hotels & Moments has been in business for five years now.

  5. Paul Johnson says:

    Thanks for the information, both of you. Peter… welcome to A Luxury Travel Blog and thanks for spotting that typo (now corrected). You sound like you have some inside knowledge of Hospes Hotels & Moments… do you work for them in some capacity?


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