New Year recommendations from Tripadvisor

Happy New Year!According to Tripadvisor, New York and Sydney aren’t the only ones that know how to put on a party.   They suggest the following ‘top 10’ for a different kind of New Year’s celebration:
  • Edinburgh
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Vienna
  • Berlin
  • Miami
  • Shanghai
  • Prague
  • Madrid
  • Vail, Colorado
  • Brugge
Where will you be seeing the New Year in?

Paul Johnson

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  1. Tripadvisor has become one of the most reliable sources when it comes to check a hotel, and this is for the easy reason that it´s people like us who put comments. Publicity from hotels, agencies, etc, are good but subjective. People want to know what other travelers have experienced, and by far, tripadvisor shows it. It´s not the first time I check a hotel there in order to choose this or that, and it works!.

  2. Yes, I can’t say I have ever booked through Tripadvisor or its affiliates, but I have certainly used it to check for reviews. Of course, you have to be wary that what you’re reading isn’t from the management itself or, on the other hand, from an overly-disgruntled guest (or even former employee!). A little common sense can usually allow you to ‘weed out’ the genuine reviews and get a good overall idea of a place.


  3. Tripadvisor is by far one of the most reliable resources for planning a trip. I have always found the reviews to be a true depiction of the accommodations or restaurant being reviewed. I greatly appreciate the honesty by fellow travelers and the candid photos show exactly what you will see and not what the hotel or restaurant wants you to see.

  4. I believe from reading a recent article that tripadvisor is part of the expedia group.

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