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Hotel heaven and hell

The Independent has an article that lists celebrities’ own highs and lows when it comes to hotels, as part of a pre-amble to a competition.   Here are the ‘high’ from the list: Kim Wilde, singer turned gardener:
If you want a really romantic setting, stay on the eighth floor at the Terrass Hotel in Montmartre, where there is an amazing room with a window across a whole wall which has the most breathtaking views across Paris. You can just hole up there for a fabulously sexy evening, with a bottle of Champagne, gazing at the lights on the Eiffel Tower all night. I really like the hotel because it is not terribly trendy, the staff are very friendly and the food is exquisite, obviously the work of an incredibly together chef. There’s also a lovely terrace restaurant. And they play birdsong in the lifts during the day, and jazz in the evening.
Samantha Bond, actress:
Ten years ago, our family followed some friends to celebrate New Years Eve in a tiny hotel 50 miles outside Paris – the Hotel l’Abbaye, in the wild hunting territory surrounding the village of Longport. It felt like we were walking into a big family home, with a roaring fire and a warm atmosphere. On the 31st, we all got dressed up for a seven-course meal, laid on by our hosts, and guests were serenaded by huntsmen trumpeteers. The next day we had a hearty roam in the Foret de Repz, and concluded that it was one of the best experiences of our lives. I’ve been back twice since.
Jonathan Coe, writer:
The most extraordinary hotel I’ve stayed at is the Atelier Sul Mare in Castel di Tusa, Sicily. Each room has been designed by an artist and is themed around a cultural figure. I stayed in the Pasolini room, where the entire bathroom is a shower. Guests put up with many discomforts (there is no furniture in some rooms) in order to respect the artists’ vision. Famously, one couple spent an entire weekend in a room in pitch darkness, believing it was themed around “blackness”. They mentioned this to owner Antonio Presti as they checked out and he was mortified: a fuse had blown…
Nicky Haslam, interior designer and columnist:
The best hotel in the world simply has to be Park Hyatt in Moscow, located close to the Kremlin and the famous Red Square. It’s fabulous in every respect: the food, which includes authentic Armenian specialities, is delightful, the staff are wondeful, the location is ideal, and the décor is inspirational; a splended sort of grand-modern style. It’s slightly suprising, eye-opening, and anything but minimal. Another attractive quality about the hotel is its proximity to the best restaurant in Russia, the Road Cafe. The food is sensational, with a menu that one might expect to find at a New York diner.

Paul Johnson

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