Ebookers 10 best holiday destinations for 2007

EbookersJanuary seems to a popular for month for ‘best’ lists, and Ebookers is getting in on the PR game.   These are apparently the 10 best-selling beach and city destinations of the Ebookers worldwide sale, which runs until 31st January 2007:

  • Bangkok
  • Sydney
  • New York
  • Johannesburg
  • Dubai
  • Cape Town
  • Barcelona
  • Miami
  • Perth
  • Orlando

Comments (2)

  1. Kay says:

    It’s nice to see Bangkok at the top of the list. I wonder how much the recent political turmoil will affect tourism to Thailand, though.

    The fiasco in December 2008 – when the airport was closed and lots of tourists were stranded – caused Thailand to lose a lot of ‘face’. I heard a lot of people saying, “We’ll try somewhere else next time.”

    Thailand is a wonderful holiday destination – great people, delicious food, relatively inexpensive. If only they could sort out their politics it really would be paradise. Oh well, even when the place is in chaos I would expect that the personal risk to any traveller would be low as long as you just go about your own business and don’t get involved in their politics.

  2. irene says:

    I’m loving seeing new york and sydney (2 of my favourtite cities) up there in 2nd and 3rd spot. Also pleasantly suprised to see Perth in the top 10 – great place to visit with loads to do and plenty of sightseeing opportunities within close proximity but wasn’t expecting to see it up there.

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