$1000 pizzas

Nino's pizzaPizza is one of things that you normally associate with being inexpensive, but that’s not necessarily the case at Nino’s Bellissima Pizza on Second Avenue, New York (near 47th Street). The restaurant is laying claim to the title of ‘world’s most expensive pizza’ by selling pizzas for $1000.   Of course, these  are no ordinary pizzas.  They’re topped with caviar,   not anchovies. For those that want to make one of these at home, then here’s the basic recipe:

  • bake crust  to a golden brown over a wood-chip grill
  • cover  generously with creme fraiche and arrange on it four different types of high-quality caviar – a total of 226 grams
  • layer thinly sliced lobster over that, garnish with red and green caviar and smoked salmon, and finish with a round of Wasabi sauce

Two of the pizzas – which apparently cost $720 each to make – were sold on the first day of this newly-opened restaurant, so maybe it might prove to be more than just a gimmick.

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  3. Albina man says:

    It seems to be something related more with insanity, than to luxury…

    p.s. written from the pizza capital, Naples !

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