Recipe of the week: Fillet of Scottish Beef, cep mushrooms, potato fondant, salsify and Madeira truffle sauce


• 4x Fillet Steaks
• 4x Sticks Salsify
• 12x Baby Onions
• 6x Cep Mushrooms
• 4x Potato Fondants
• 4x Jerusalem Artichokes
• 300ml Madeira Sauce

Madeira Sauce:
• 500gm Beef Trimmings (sautéed)
• 1x Clove Garlic
• 1x Bay Leaf
• ½ Carrot
• 1x Celery Stick
• ½ x Medium Sized Onion
• 375ml Madeira, reduced by half, then add
• 500ml Chicken Stock
• 500ml Demi Glace, reduce by half, pass, then add
• 10gm Butter


Fillet of Scottish BeefFondant potato: With a round cutter cut out from maris piper potatoes 4 round disks. Well butter a frying pan and season. Lay potatoes in flat side down, cover with water, add another 100gms of butter. Cook slowly on both sides till soft. Water should evaporate and the butter will colour the potato.

Salsify: Wash well and peel, Cut each stick into 3 even pieces, blanch in boiling salted water and refresh.

Spinach: Destalk and wash, Blanch in boiling salted water, refresh.

Jerusalem artichokes: Wash and peel, Cut into round disks and cook in a little chicken stock till tender.

Ceps: Cut in half and cook on one side in a little butter till golden brown.

Pan fry the steaks in a little vegetable oil and butter. At the same time warm through all the other components, Saute the spinach in a little beurre noisette and finish the sauce with a little chopped truffle. Arrange on a flat white plate, add the sauce and serve.

Serves 4.

Source: Executive Head Chef Luke Matthews of  Chewton Glen, Hampshire

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