Time for a re-design?

A week or two ago, Claude Benard of Les Explorers  kindly posted a comment on here, suggesting that I look at a re-design for the blog. My initial thoughts were that I’m reasonably happy with how it looks but, as the days have passed, I’ve been wondering whether it’s something that I should consider.   Claude suggested some ‘magazine-style’ templates, citing the following examples: example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4.   Do you like the blog as it is, or would you rather see a change?   I’m kind of torn between the two now so it makes sense to ask what you, the readers of A Luxury Travel Blog, would prefer!   Thanks…

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  1. Paul, I clicked through to check out each of these alternate themes and I have to say I think your existing theme is far more attractive than these other options. Your blog is very restful, tasteful, and upscale. In my opinion, the other candidates were a bit too loud. I find the luxury market prefers pages that tread a bit more lightly.

    I’d be interested in what your other subscribers think.

  2. Nick says:

    Paul, you may have opened a can of worms throwing this one open! I personally like example 1, as it is clean, fresh and modern…the others were a touch “busy” for my taste.

  3. Claude says:


    I like mimbo, or mimbo pro

    Mimbo have a good forum for help and find idea

    Mimbo pro in live demo http://mimbo.prothemedesign.com/

    Still thinking you will get a new step with this kind of template

    I have a new blog with a magazine template, see here
    need to put some content inside

    best regards from France


  4. Paul

    The present design is not so bad. I am playing with the same thought myself. But if I change, I would use a switchable style so that readers can have their own choice of style. Personally I am in favor of a 2 column style with right sidebar. Then your mouse doesn’t come in the way.

    I believe the most important feature you have in your sidebar is your very easy to find content.

    A slightly bigger font might help already (my old eyes).

    my 2 cents


  5. Eduardo says:

    yeah, maybe a new look would be appreciated, something modern, some design or state-of-the-art innovation…but at the same time, simple and intuitive. I like examples 1 & 2…

  6. Yev says:

    No I think this is one of the best blogs. Do not change anything.


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