The best bed in the world?

Vi SpringHow important is a really good quality bed to you?   It’s an issue that I’ve paid attention to more and more in recent times (my wife had a slipped disc that required surgery, just over 12 months ago) and so I was interested to hear that the Vi Spring is the bed of choice for the Beckhams.  Theirs retails in Harrods for £24,275. And it’s also the bed of choice for many leading hotels around Europe, including the Palais Coburg Residence, Hotel Ravenstein, Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin, Langshott Manor, Villa Trompenberg and The Zetter  to name just some.   But it’s by no means the most expensive bed out there.   That dubious honour no doubt goes to the $1.5 million (yes, you read that right) floating bed designed by Janjaap Ruijssenaars.

What’s the best bed you’ve ever slept in?   Or – if you work in the luxury hotel industry – where do you get your beds?

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  1. Westin Hotels has a fabulous bed that you can order for home use. I sleep on one of their beds at home and wouldn’t trade it for anything else I’ve tried. It’s called the Heavenly Bed.

    It’s an investment, but not as costly as some of the others out there. My King Heavenly Bed runs $3345 USD, plus $200 for delivery in the continental USA. That includes all the fluffy pillows, duvet, and bed linens. You’ll pay slightly less if you reduce the thread count of the sheets (they offer several options here) but I’m a thread-count snob, so thread count matters to me.

    Check out the bed ensemble at

    Yes, overseas shipments are possible with the addition of a freight forwarder service.

  2. At the Authentic Seacoast™ Properties, both our luxury inn DesBarres Manor and our golf resort Osprey Shores use the Springwall Chiropractic® Sleep System mattress.

    Springwall is the only mattress endorsed by both the Canadian and American Chiropractic associations and our guests always comment on how great their sleep is. The quiet and fresh sea air probably also have a role to play in the quality of their sleep, but these mattresses are truly wonderful to sleep on.

    And, we agree with Denise that thread count matters and use high thread count sheets on our beds to complete the perfect sleep experience.

  3. Kamil Spark says:

    I think having a quality bed or even the mattress is extremely important. Just think about it, we sleep 1/3 of our lives. For sure, something to think about!

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