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Suite of the week: Fairway Villa at the Wynn Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Suite name: Fairway Villa Hotel:  Wynn Las Vegas, USA Size of accommodation:  3,224 sq ft Cost per night: $1,350 What makes it special? Nestled along the Wynn Country Club, the villa offers beautiful natural views of the golf course with lakes and waterfalls all reflected in a private, infinity edge pool. Fairway Villa at the Wynn Las Vegas                     Hushed with walls upholstered in silks and carpets hand-woven to remarkable thickness and density, furnishings are of a quality seen only in the most lavish residences. Fairway Villa at the Wynn Las Vegas                     Conceived as a home-away-from-home and the exacting specifications, the Fairway Villas are without comparison. Luxuriously spacious, strikingly designed with extraordinary views of our exclusive golf course from your private lanai or balcony, they offer a serene counterpoint to the excitement of the resort and its many distractions.   Fairway Villa at the Wynn Las Vegas                     Exclusivity is the most luxurious detail of this residential abode, which features dedicated concierges and VIP check-in.

Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson is Editor of A Luxury Travel Blog and has worked in the travel industry for more than 30 years. He is Winner of the Innovations in Travel ‘Best Travel Influencer’ Award from WIRED magazine. In addition to other awards, the blog has also been voted “one of the world’s best travel blogs” and “best for luxury” by The Daily Telegraph.

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  1. Paul, Its unlikely that this comment will be posted. What is the ecological footprint of a hotel suite, that is larger than the apartment Joelle and I live in? Especially when it is located in the middle of a desert?
    Where does the water come from for the waterfall, lakes, golf courses. Las Vegas is the last place on earth I’d want to visit. It is a luxury version of Blackpool, but that does not mean its good.

  2. John,

    Unfortunately, vegas’s top priority is not about ecological footprint. Just look at the lights, and general excessiveness of vegas. It is a beautiful beautiful suite, and that needs to be the focus. The environmental impacts of vegas is a whole nother’ can of worms!

  3. Kendal, Is that your name? It may be a beautiful suite, but it is irresponsible. With enough money anything you can build anything, anywhere. It does not mean it is sustainable though. They are encouraging the residents of Las Vegas to grub up their lawns and return them to desert vegetation, yet this suite is special because it overlooks a golf course that consumes vast amounts of scarce water.

  4. Vegas isn’t really to my taste and it does seem unduly wasteful. Dubai and other places in the UAE have done some impressive things to become greener. Maybe Vegas will take some lessons from them.

  5. I agree with the points that John has made.

    We have friends who made a special trip to get married in Vegas, but I can’t say the place has ever appealed to me.

  6. vegas is a great spot for a couple of days and is a great gateway to the grand canyon – you really have to take it at face value and enjoy it.

  7. Apart from the environmental issues, does anyone like the look of the suite? I didn’t, so I asked my husband for a second opinion and he said he thought it looked very “fuddy-duddyish”.

    I don’t think it looks as though it might even be comfortable. It’s like some interior designer has gone mad on a ‘classical’ theme without any thought about creating a nice living space to relax in.

    I wonder how much the interior designer got paid to come up with this.

  8. i have to agree kay i am not so sure about the decor but that might just be a personal thing although it does look very spacious.

  9. John,
    Per Kendal’s comment, I agree that Vegas worries not about environmental impacts. The only green they care about is in the paper form. However, I have stayed at the Wynn and it was nice and Vegas was nice for just going once, but doubt I would go again.

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