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Win a stay at any Hyatt in the world!

A Luxury Travel Blog has teamed up with Hyatt Hotels to offer you a great chance to win one of 5 nights in any Hyatt  hotel worldwide.   All you have to do to win is comment on the posts within this blog.   The five readers with the most approved comments during May 2009 will each receive a free night at a Hyatt hotel of their choosing… anywhere in the world.   (Naturally, comments need to be of a certain quality, otherwise they won’t be approved.)   So… what are you waiting for?   Have a browse of the blog – there’s literally thouands of blog entries  which you can discuss  – and comment away!

Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson is Editor of A Luxury Travel Blog and has worked in the travel industry for more than 30 years. He is Winner of the Innovations in Travel ‘Best Travel Influencer’ Award from WIRED magazine. In addition to other awards, the blog has also been voted “one of the world’s best travel blogs” and “best for luxury” by The Daily Telegraph.

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  1. Hello Emma

    You need to enter yourself by getting involved in the blog: commenting on blog posts, exchanging views and opinions with other commenters, and so forth. The five people will the most approved comments this month will be the winners.

    Good luck


  2. Hello Paul – this sounds like my dream prize so I’m on the case! Better get commenting… :-)

  3. When more Hyatt in Spain? I can tell you that we miss Hyatt hotels in Spain…. in any case thanks for the initiative.
    I do need the best spots in Java and Bali, I’m going there next August and I write all about it in a magazine and website… suggestions?
    Must have great spa too!!!

  4. Just to clarify, as Rob asked about this, the comments that will be counted are those that are approved during May 2009.

    It is NOT limited to comments made on May 2009 blog entries. You can comment on ANY of the posts throughout the blog, from December 2005 to the present.

  5. Thanks, Michael.

    All comments are moderated. If people try to post poor quality comments (and they already have!), then they simply won’t be approved.

  6. Yippee ! What a great contest ! Would prefer to stay in a higher quality , more elegant establishment then where my pocketbook will allow .
    Dream come true!

  7. Love the Hyatt hotels ,always guaranteed top quality.I,ve got flights to destination of my choice , but am short of funds for decent accomodation.This prize would be perfect ,all I have to do is decide where I want to go.

  8. This sounds like a great competition! Much as I’d like to win it myself, I won’t be greedy and will tell lots of others about it. :-)

  9. Would love to stay at the Hyatt again – One of the best hotel chains in the world. I’m sure Mark Hoplamazian would like me to stay and have me laze around the pool looking glamorous.

  10. Thank you for spreading the word, Kay, and for your good quality comments elsewhere on the blog.

    To all the other people still posting ‘please enter me’ as a comment here, I’m rejecting such comments. Please simply refer back to comments 1&2 and 6&7 above.


  11. I have stopped at many Hyatt Hotels around the world the Hyatt Regency in Sharm El Skeikh was really good I’d love to go back again.

  12. Good comments from one and all!

    Sound like a great idea – just add a comment to win a Hyatt hotel break!

    Wonder what my wife would say? Probably ‘shut up Clive and let me get on with it’.

    Perhaps a nice break would come in handy!

  13. I wonder which Hyatt hotels will be selected in the end. The Park Hyatt hotels (https://www.park.hyatt.com/) seem the best among the Hyatt range. For me it will be the one in Paris since it’s the closest but the Milan one look particularly good :-)

  14. love the hyatt hotels – have had the privilege to stay in a few and have always had a great experience. One in particular was the Hyatt Regency Jersey City on the Hudson – with great views of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty this hotel was the perfect place to spend the night and enjoy Manhattan without breaking the bank before moving on.

  15. I would love to go back to the Hyatt in Grand Cayman I got married there!!

  16. I have never stayed at a Hyatt but would like to as I have heard good reports. If I win can anyone recommend a good one in the world?!

  17. Hey Julie for a fab location and right in the heart of the city try the Grand Hyatt New York – which is right at the impressive Grand Central Station and a block or so from 5th. A perfect NY location. Or if you fancy something a bit different try the Park Hyatt Tokyo – very “lost in Translation” a great escape from the city but with everything on your doorstep – the perfect place to explore one of the best cities in the world.

  18. Believe me Hyatt Hotel branding is up there with the creme de la creme! I know the one in Singapore as my cousin used to work for them some 30 years ago starting out as a waiter and rose to the ranks of General Manager and travelled the world within the group. Sadly I could not take advantage of any discount rates … ces’t la vie… I did have a good party there once and had lunch and dinner once before but that was because it was paid for by friends. Food was to die for and service, well, say no more!!!! Frankly I think the Hyatt Hotels are slightly under-rated. In fact I do not care where in the world I pick any Hyatt Hotel will do. Highly recommended.

  19. I’m not sure if I’ve ever stayed in a Hyatt hotel but when we lived in New Delhi we were regular visitors to the Hyatt Recency on Mahatma Gandhi Marg. They had a top class bakery shop there – probably the best place in Delhi to buy western style breads and cakes.

    Also their Japanese-style TK’s restaurant was IMO one of Delhi’s best. They also had a fantastic Sunday brunch.

  20. Great offer! One of my favorite Hyatts is actually the Calgary city centre. The service is top notch, and I go back for that reason every time!

  21. What a great way to get people involved.

    I have never stayed at a Hyatt, we simply never crossed paths, although I have dined in a few.


  22. I visited (unfortunately could not afford to stay at) another Hyatt Hotel once in Kuantan (Malaysia). This one is no more than 3 storeys high and 90% of the rooms are sea front. What a fabulous site. Kuantan is a Malaysian state with not much hype or sophistication yet the Hyatt group recognised the potential market for a quite family or romantic hideaway for holiday makers. The Hyatt is so well facilitated it is a haven within a haven and you do not need to get out other than exploring the local Malaysian life that is slow & rather indigenous life style. I would recommend the Spa treatment which is priced at local Malaysian Ringgit which is currently £1 to $6… that will get you the royal treatment – believe me I tried it – by the way it was open to non-residents as well and the locals cannot much afford it other then the more affluent population. When I walked out of the Spa treatment room the first words uttered out of lips were – aaaaahhhh!

  23. I think Park Hyatt hotels are realy underrated. Boy, could they use an ad campaign.

  24. To Barbara… “The five readers with the most approved comments during May 2009 will each receive a free night at a Hyatt hotel of their choosing…”

  25. Wow! Some of these destinations sound fabulous. I have never stayed in a Hyatt hotel, but would love to give it a try. There are so many places in the world I would love to see. I love visiting somewhere new …there’s something so exciting about going to a place you’ve only ever read about or seen on TV and to stay in a luxurious Hyatt hotel would be the icing on the cake!

  26. I think the Park Hyatt hotels are among some of the best in the world – the park hyatt in dubai – where i was recenlty was quite honestly divine – amazing views and superb service – can’t quite beat it.

  27. Paul, This competition has certainly stimulated a lot more comment on your blog.
    From the “I’d love to stay there”. The comments have moved on to discuss the merits and demerits of an aspect of Luxury Travel. I have enjoyed reading some of the comments that take this approach.

  28. This is an ambitious project! I suspect that you’ll get plenty of takers. I’ll be interested to see how it turns out and who gets selected for the prize. Very exciting!

  29. Yes, nice one, Paul. I’m enjoying it too. The only thing I’m not so happy about is finding all these earlier competitions which I’ve missed. There are loads of them on here! I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled in future so I don’t miss any more.

    John – I really enjoy reading your comments. You seem to have a very good understanding of environmental issues, a subject about which I’m not particularly well informed.

  30. Comment no. 38 by S.? You mentioned about that Hyatt Hotels could do with an Ad campaign… in my opinion I do not agree. Reason – their excellent ‘word of mouth’ reputation is the best form of advertising. As a kid Hyatt Hotels have wowed me and they still do as a ageing adult. It seems that all of us want to go & experience & taste the delights of the HYATT. How do you think we all know of it’s exquisite reputation…yet not many of us have stayed there. Do you not agree! There have done something right and yet not much by way of an Ad Campaign!!! Frankly I hold a toast to their customer services & hospitality management. Think about it…

  31. I’m not sure they need an Ad Campaingn either. I’ve stayed at many Hyatts in Europe and a couple in the Middle East. The hotels have always been clean and comfortable and the staff curteous. Also, the hotels have always been busy so no need for a campaign.

    As always, offering a superiour product at a reasonable price and keeping your customers happy leads to the best type of advertising, word of mouth!

  32. Bali Hyatt and Grand Hyatt Bali: These two hotels are are a pleasant study in contrasts: the Bali Hyatt in Sanur, tucked away in its 16 acres of manicured jungle, is luxury with understated, rustic charm. Meanwhile the “Balinese water-palace”-styled Grand Hyatt in Nusa Dua is a showcase of high-profile design. The pair would make a great two-centre stay, but guests at either can enjoy both hotels’ facilities, signing to their room account and using the free shuttle service.

  33. I have heard nothing but recommendations regarding the quality and service that Hyatt hotels offer its customers, i would love the chance to experience this for myself, I’m thinking far away…. Dubai!

  34. chelsea you couldn’t pick a better destination than dubai, as i mentioned earlier the park hyatt dubai is wonderful and the restaurants are fabulous set right in the dubai creek golf and yacht club on a waterfront location – and also so near to the city, sights and of course shopping. additionally i have stayed in the grand hyatt years ago and can also recommend it. but for me it would have to be the park hyatt. hope you get to go sometime.

  35. I haven’t stayed at a Hyatt hotel yet, but would love to. We have one here in Perth Western Australia, but people rarely stay in hotels in their home city. Maybe there could be a campaign to encourage and entice locals to stay for a weekend with a special package, eg; girls night out, pamper packs, theatre packs, romantic indulgence. Perth is tryin to lure people into the city after business hours, maybe the hotels could help.

  36. I would love to win a stay at a Hyatt – the opportunity to choose from so many fantastic locations is mouth-watering.

  37. The Park Hyatt in Tokyo ranks as one of my all-time favourite hotels (especially when the company is footing the bill). Huge rooms (especially for Tokyo), killer location and amazing food. While there are more Bill Murrays than Scarlett Johansens, that is only a minor gripe.

  38. I love the Hyaytt always had. I spent the best Labor Day weekend in my life at the Hyatt Capitol Hill August- September 2009. I went up on my own and visited at least 10 museums during my 3 day stay in DC.

    My room was lovely and the food was great.

    Also stayed a Hyatt in London, England for a week – great location superb accommodations


  39. I heard Hyatt’s making dreams come true. In today’s economy, people need a vacation. I’m one of many. Thanks for the opportunity!

  40. Want some romance or a dance?
    Well here’s your chance
    Be treated like royalty
    Even if it is just for a cup of tea
    I can think of no where else I rather be
    What all for free?!!!
    So put pen to paper
    Wait no later…
    Imagine pure bliss…
    Aaahhhh this I do not want to miss
    No time to be quite
    Shout out, it’s the Hyatt

  41. To win a stay at any hyatt in the world. Wo!!!! not had holiday for very many many years. Think of the pleasure it will give my Mom for whom I care and myself. We genuinely need a luxury hyatt break!

  42. There’s a lot of people that commented on this one blog entry, who have not commented anywhere else. I could be wrong but I get the feeling that some people think that that’s what’s required to enter the competition. They might want to have a re-read…

  43. The Park Hyatt in San Fran was one of my all time favorites — great service, large rooms (in a city that doesn’t have too many large rooms). Unfortunately the hotel is no longer part of the Hyatt chain. :(

  44. Did stay at Hyatt at the Sunset strip in LA a couple of years ago. Loved it. So much rock history within the walls.
    But that’s the one and only time we’ve stayed at Hyatt.

    Pictures from our room at Hyatt West Hollywood
    https://www.limewave.com/tips/mer+om/fakta.asp?ID=118 (in Swedish so far, but we’re in the middle of the project translating the website into english)

    We always document the places we stay. Not only to remember ourselves, but also to be able to recomend nice places to people we know, and get to know through communicating on the Internet.

    It would be very nice to experience another night at one of these great hotels, to be able to take new photographs and inspire other travelers of places to go, and hotels to stay at.

  45. Speaking of Hyatt, Here’s a list of what I have stayed and would like to stay in Asia.
    1. Hyatt Regency Hua Hin (Thailand) :An affordable resort in the beautiful Hua Hin. I earned one-night standrad room by using Hyatt Gold Passport points. The service was great. Please do visit one of the finest spa in Asia–The Barai and the comfortable chic McFarland House restaurant. You don’t need to check in Chiva-Som (next to Hyatt Regency), because The Barai is already here.
    2. Hyatt Regency Tokyo (Formerly Century Hyatt Tokyo, Japan): It’s not Prak Hyatt for sure but a beautiful affordable hotel. The location,service and food are amazing. I booked through agent but still got Gold Passport points. I loved their breakfast very much.
    3. The Grand Hyatt Taipei Hotel (Taiwan) : One of the best in Taipei. The location is fantastic for shopping and of course the world famous “Taipei 101” is in just a few steps. I would recommend their corner suite. You could take a bath and have a spectacular view at the same time.
    4. Park Hyatt Saigon (Vietnam): I visited there year ago. It’s still the best in Ho Chi Minh City. Near Opera house and KFC. I love the artistic decoration that reminds me of the old days. Just gorgeous.  

    5. Grand Hyatt Hong Kong (Hong Kong) : Never been there before. But I did notice their luxury “Plateau Spa”. I think it’s one of the finest in Hong Kong since it already won some spa awards.
    6. Hyatt On The Bund Shanghai (China): A luxury one I want to stay in in the near future. It’s fashionable and contemporary.
    7. Park Hyatt Tokyo (Japan):  Famous for “Lost in Translation”. I did visit once. I just can’t forget the moment I saw the great Tokyo city view.    
    Though I can’t afford to stay at some expensive properties,Hyatt is one of my favorite brands. I have to say Hyatt Gold Passport is quite a nice loyalty program.

  46. What a great idea. You can count me in – I love the Hyatt hotels. The one in Orlando airport is awesome. Last time I stayed there, they upgraded me to a suite.

  47. Hi,

    What a great concept – I would love to know if the blog gets a sustainable uptick in comment posting. I’ve officially subscribed to Luxury Travel Blog and look forward to reading your posts.


  48. I should also add that my FAVORITE Hyatt is in Mainz, Germany. My family and I stayed there for a week over the Sylvester (New Year) holiday and had an incredible time. Great hotel, great staff and great location in a quiet and quaint little town.

  49. I truly enjoy traveling. I’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity to visit about half of the US, 8 European countries, Mexico, Central America, and both the British & US Virgin Islands during my lifetime.

    I just found out about your blog contest today (May 21st), so I’m not sure that I could compete with other bloggers to win a stay at one of your beautiful hotels, but I’m cheering for who ever wins! When I’ve stayed at a Hyatt Hotel it’s always been 1st class!

  50. Thank you for the chance. I would love to win this and take my wife away for a great weekend. We missed going out for our anniversary this year.

  51. Challenges build character, but taking a time out for ourselves also contributes to our health. I think it would be fun, help revitalize us, and stimulate the economy, if we went to a Hyatt Pure Luxury Spa!

  52. Responding to Jill’s comment (#54): I’m glad you mentioned the Hyatt in London, and how it was in a great location with superb accommodations.

    I have a English friend who’s married to an American engineer & because of his work she has lived all over the world. They recently moved to San Antonio, TX and a few weeks ago we were talking about taking a trip to England. I will tell her about the Hyatt in London.

    I don’t know if all English people have this saying, but with your description of the London Hyatt…My friend Sally might say that the Hyatt was “The Bee’s Knees” :-) (*Where they carry the pollen…the good stuff!)

  53. Dianna, The Hyatt Regency Churchill is definitely the bees knees it is in a fab location right in the heart of london close to all the main attractions. It also has the amazing Locanda Locatelli restaurant which has a Michelin star – definitely worth a visit!

  54. Paul,

    Wow! I’m glad I’m following you on twitter, but it’s been hard for me to get traveling out of my mind today after reading more of your blogs. I guess we’ll have to fondly refer to you now as the bees knees too :-)

  55. Responding to Blog #57–I stayed at the Hyatt Regency in Houston, TX, last night with my mom, aunt, and niece. My niece performed at the Wortham at a dance recital, so we decided to do a staycation at the Hyatt, since restaurants and the theatre were walking distance. The employees there made my niece feel special. They gave her a room with a view on one of the top floors, gave her personal elevator service to the the pool and back (which made it very 007ish when they were just renovating the main access route to the pool), and all smiled at her. My 9-year-old niece did water ballet at the pool and made friends with nice kids from other states (I took some cute pics if you want to see them). The cashier (Melanie) at the cafe was genuinely awesome as she put a smile on my niece’s face when she used her name to grab her attention and helped me play an innocent joke on my niece. The rooms were very comfortable, updated, and crisp too.

    I had a great time last year too during the 4th when we all stayed there to see the fireworks. Thanks for the positive familial reunions in town. I’d love to enjoy some more quality time with my mom, sis, and niece halfway around the world since the staycations were great. I think it’s more than a coincidence that I came across your contest opportunity on Luxury Travel on Twitter. :-)

    Keep up the smiles,
    Auntie Ana Trejo

  56. I travel all over the world shopping for furniture and I love Hyatt’s internationally. I typically do not stay in Hyatts within the US, but abroad they are much more luxurious and compete in the 5 star category. One of my favorites is the Park Hyatt Hong Honk which has a fantastic spa as well as killer views of Victoria Harbour, Kowloon, and Hong Kong.

  57. we are in the luxury travel biz and we stay in hyatt’s when we travel. the properties are always so well appointed…Scottsdale went through a remodel about 1.5 years ago and it is a beauty. they open up the walls of the lobby and you are indoors/outdoors! Fabo! we have also had the pleasure, of many years, having the hyatt’s catering service be one of our preferred caterers on site in our private estates. the service, quality of food and attention to details are the same off premises as they are on! Kudos to the hyatt Scottsdale!

  58. Hello from the well traveled, I like your wesite and my wife and I love luxury travel, one of our favorite hotels is Four Seasons. Very good and u can always expect Great Service no matter where u re in the world!
    Good luck see u soon

  59. I love to travel and staying in the best makes it all that much more pleasurable. Venice is one of my favourite stops–what are your favourite stops?

  60. This is my first time to visit A Luxury Travel Blog wherein I was thrilled to read your offer of giving away free night stay at any Hyatt hotels worldwide.Hyatt has been one of my favorite dream hotels as travelling has always been my favorite indulgence.
    I have travelled to different Asian countries lately,and this time I would like to go to the Middle East or the Caribbean where there are lots of surprises and magic,something I have never encounter before,in which I will go through a truly unique experience especially when I’m with my husband and our kids.I want to try something different, something extraordinary, something memorable.I hope my next trip will always be remembered, especially if staying with Hyatt-totally amazing!

  61. I have never stayed at a Hyatt but I have been fortunate enough to already have won a one night stay in their recent 1 million free nights give away so I would love to win another one, then I could have a weekend away. I would probably choose the Hyatt in London.

  62. Hyatt in Arabic literally means life!

    I hope winning a stay will give readers a chance to get a new outlook on life and make theirs better.

  63. What a wonderful prize,This is also my first visit to Luxury travel,I have had so much bad luck lately & lost a few close relatives so I have fingers & toes crossed to win.
    I have stayed in a Hyatt hotel before & it was an amazing experience.

  64. i love to travel and see all the beauties of the world.I have spent an amazing time in Hyatt Hong Kong a few of years ago,such a pleasurable time..enjoy life with all these experiences and thanks to Hyatt,let the dreams come true

  65. I’d like to comment to blog #73. The Hyatt is great with kids.

    Zoe, my granddaughter, has had the pleasure of staying at the Hyatt in Downtown Dallas and the Hyatt in Downtown Houston. They both have great views of the skylines and are well-known for their unique observatories at the very top of their buildings and the glass elevators.

    Paul, I recently retired as a high school counselor and now have some time to venture out of Texas this summer and it would be neat to stay at a Hyatt with exalting penthouse views. Reading some of the blogs made me want to take a vacation immediately. Thanks for offering the opportunity to win.

  66. Have been lucky enough to stay at a number of Hyatts namely the churchill in london the dubai hyatt and last christmas the delhi one I would love to go back there being a foodie as the e mail name shows I think its the best hotel food in the world so much so we stopped for dinner again on the way to the airport luckily as we were held up for 12 hours because of fog

  67. We sometimes visit Dallas as we’ve got family there. After reading all these fabulous comments, if I win I’d definitely choose a stay in the Hyatts in downtown Dallas – and give my mum-in-law a break from all the cooking and entertaining!

  68. I will not win this so there is not much point in me entering really, but I won’t if I do not enter my details. Why can’t I ever win anything? It would be good to have somewhere to take my partner on our next holiday. She is an amazing person. Pregnant again and working nights, and does the school run in between sleep. She deserves a luxury break, and my finances won’t stretch that far, so PLEASE……………….

  69. Comment back to #83–

    Hi Olivia,

    The Hyatt in Dallas is extraordinary with the famous illuminated ball that lights up the Dallas skyline. They have huge Texan stars on the floors (seen from the elevators) and it’s a great convention hotel too. The city view is romantic at night and they have a city train. The rooms are big and seem new, but everything is bigger and better in Texas in the hospitality business.

    I plan on staying there for UT/OU weekend in September/October…which in my opinion, the best time to visit Dallas for people watching.

    Good luck in the contest!

  70. I have read through the Blogs and mine is a different tack. I have never stayed in any Hyatt Hotel however I was in Birmingham last year to see Stevie Wonder perform at the National Indoor Arena and he stayed at the Hyatt Hotel opposite this venue.
    So it goes to show that the Hyatt is the venue for superstars. Talking of which, I play the piano myself but am classically trained, so who knows a stay somewhere in the world and the opportunity to play a Steinway Grand piano in the lobby and perhaps, if Simon Cowell happens to be there at the same time, he might just sign me up!

  71. Paul,
    Its over a year later, and I have just got back from a very pleasant stay at the Park Hyatt Hotel, place Vendome, Paris. This was our final night of a trip from Brussels, via Amiens, Eastern Normandy, Auvers-sur-Oise to Paris. The night at the Hyatt was a “once in a lifetime” experience for me, for reasons you will already know. We both very much enjoyed our night at the Hyatt Hotel.
    Huge, thank you to A Luxury Travel Blog and Hyatt.

  72. Hi paul

    I wanted to say a very fabulous thanks for my Hyatt night, i chose the Hyatt Regency in Kyoto on a recent trip to Japan. The hotel was spectacular and a great location in an amazing city.

    Thanks once again and keep up the good work i love reading all the top travel tips.



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