Exemplary use of Twitter by Hyatt Hotels & Resorts

While many remain doubtful about the merits of Twitter  (I myself was in that camp before I ‘got’ it), one or two travel companies out there are showing how it can be used to great effect.   One great example is Hyatt Hotels & Resorts with their @HyattConcierge Twitter account with which they claim to offer 24/7 assistance with any travel questions and requests before, during and after your stay.   The approach has garnered positive coverage from USA Today  and various industry publications, and ought to prove a big hit with Hyatt’s more tech-savvy customers.

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  1. Dan says:

    I too was in the same boat doubting the merits of Twitter. But it can be used by almost anyone to promote, advertise, and inform people about a company. I have found it a great asset to my website.

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  3. Carl says:

    Hi Paul,
    nice post and thanks for the heads up (also via Twitter which was RT’d), I agree and in my post where great brands will take Twitter discuss a few things that they might consider for this initiative.

    Hyatt is a great example of where good thinkers and brands will leverage the Twitter platform and take Twitter.

    So much is discussed about how Twitter will evolve and generate revenue but this is another example of how it is not just Twitter that’s evolving Twitter.

  4. Steve Howe says:

    A great use of technology to improve customer service!

  5. John says:

    Dan, Twitter is not the tool for advertising, automated feeds and one way information. You are totally missing the point, as Twitter is two way communication, which can be done in real time. Those that use automated feeds will not stay the course on Twitter. If someone doesn’t respond to a comment or query I will unfollow, so will millions of others as the novelty wears off.

  6. Kendal H says:

    I have used this service alot and have been very pleased with it. Like John said, 2 way communication is required, and I really appreciate Hyatt’s fast response. Fairmont is also very personable on Twitter. I think twitter is an EXCELLENT opportunity for customers to real time chat with customer service. If you were an exec, all of these new tech ideas make it SO simple to improve CS!

  7. irene says:

    i follow hyatt on facebook and think they do a great job at engaging customers not just selling to them. they provide loads of useful info about the cities their hotels are in. nice to see a company using social media well.

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