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Special feature: Le Grand Cirque Fantazie

Le Grand CirqueThis afternoon we went to the Liverpool Empire Theatre to see the acrobatic production, Le Grand Cirque Fantazie.  It  was billed as  one of the most exciting shows  we will ever see, and we certainly weren’t disappointed. Le Grand Cirque has had sold-out shows all over the world and has played to over 10 million people, smashing box office records on the way. These incredible acrobatic performers come from over 15 countries,  and together produced a spectacle which quite simply took our breath away.   As a family, we were highly entertained, sitting open-jawed at the  incredible talent put before us, with incredible demonstrations of strength, flexibility and raw talent.   I can’t imagine many shows that could entertain all ages in  such a  way. Le Grand CirqueNot only were the performances incredible, but it was also very funny thanks to the clown-like  host and ringmaster, Salvador Salangsang, who punctuated the show with  some entertaining  interludes as the acrobats were no doubt preparing backstage.  Parts of his repertoire  involved crowd participation  but one highlight was where he climbed into an enormous balloon – at first just his head and then, moments later, his whole body, with his head popping out.   As time ticked on, the balloon deflated and he emerged, having seemingly changed his costume  so that he was wearing  an Everton shirt; to keep both sides of Merseyside sweet, though,  he soon revealed a Liverpool shirt underneath! The whole  performance got a huge ‘thumbs up’ from us, both from the ‘grown-ups’ and our young boys. If Le Grand Cirque is coming to a place near you, make sure you go and see them in action.   You’re sure to love it.   For an idea of the kind of things you might see, watch the following video:  

Paul Johnson

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