Your must-have travel items

We asked you (via Twitter) what item of luggage was a ‘must-have’ when travelling in luxury.   And here’s just a handful of your many responses:

  • iPhone & headphones with Karl Lagerfelds compilations. Travelling relaxed (@AmandaGeissler)
  • laptop? ..depends on where i’m going (@aselina)
  • My battered old brown leather holdall, would be devasteated if I lost it. It has been everywhere with me. (@JCotterCraig)
  • Special soaps, comfortable PJ’s (@JosephONeal)
  • My Chloe Edith bag. I stuff a smaller purse in it, a cashmere wrap, and a dozen magazines. (@stacystyle)
  • Dermalogica’s Mini Travel Pack is rather nice (@robble1)

What item of luggage can you not travel without?

Comments (7)

  1. Kay says:

    If I was only allowed one thing, it would have to be the laptop. The next would be my camera.

    Or maybe it would be the other way round. ;-)

    And third, some kind of pashmina or jacket to protect me from the inevitable fierce refrigeration (air conditioning) in so many luxury hotels.

  2. Kendal H says:

    It used to be laptop. Now it’s blackberry. I usually needed the laptop to use Maps to see where I was going that day, or to communicate. Now I can do all of that from my Blackberry.

  3. We think the most important thing to bring is a sense of humour and some patience! You’re travelling in luxury!

  4. John says:

    Time is the most essential part of a luxury trip. But I guess this is an invalid answer as it won’t fit in your luggage.

  5. Savannah says:

    I would have to agree with Kay in saying my camera. I always say I could just go somewhere and not need anything. A toothbrush could come in handy

  6. david says:

    I would have to say my camera, what other way to save memories from travelling? My laptop would be a close second though

  7. irene says:

    i would have to say my digital camera, a good book and a wrap.

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