A new menu every day at Princess d'Annam Resort & Spa

Princess DannamUnlike most hotels and resorts that roll out new menus seasonally, the new restaurant at the Princess d’Annam Resort & Spa debuts a new card every single day.

Whether guests voice a hankering for pan-fried snapper, grilled cobia on a lemongrass skewer, bouillabaisse or any of dozens of other dishes in Chef La Thuan An’s repertoire, the experience of dining each evening is as fresh as that day’s catch from the South China Sea.  An presides over an 80-seat restaurant where the preferred seats occupy an expansive terrace that takes in views of the bay and its iconic lighthouse. An air-conditioned interior, the pool deck and tables on the beach complement the anchoring terrace as dining venues.

The Princess d’Annam’s kitchen specializes in both Vietnamese and French cuisine. Each evening’s menu includes choices from either tradition. One recent menu included pan fried prawns marinated with lemongrass and seafood risotto as the Eastern option and roasted lamb tenderloin as the Western option.  That was on a Tuesday night. On the Monday, the two entrée options were a seafood paella with coconut milk and a roasted duck breast marinated with spices. And on Wednesday, it was stuffed pigeon with mashed potatoes and pan-fried mahi mahi, sautéed artichoke and tomatoes.

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  1. Emily M says:

    That’s brilliant eating in the hotel can get boring, it’s great they are making a real effort to keep standards high.

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