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Anyone for chocolate beer?

Chocolate beerTime to put those taste buds to the test! The Sapporo brewery in Japan is producing a chocolate beer. This is very different to many of the chocolate stouts that are already on the market – they don’t usually contain chocolate but instead a ‘chocolate malt’ (called that due to its colour and vague chocolatey taste, but it’s not in fact chocolate at all).  This new beer from Sapporo contains the real stuff!

Paul Johnson

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  1. Hmm,has this been made yet? Might persuade me to start drinking beer…
    The perfect combination of what men and women love!

  2. Not sure i fancy this not a big beer or chocolate lover so the idea of the two together doesn’t do much for me!

  3. i think they love their beer in japan they have a few good ones like kirin and asahi as well as many others. at the baseball games they have kids climb up and down the stadium steps with a small keg on their back selling beer to the fans.

  4. when i say kids i mean probably about 17 or 18 all dressed up in the colours of the beer and baseball.

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