Special feature: Siam Park, Costa Adeje, Tenerife

Siam ParkSiam Park is Tenerife’s latest attraction.  From the same people behind the highly successful Loro Parque on the north of the island, it is a spectacular waterpark that was opened in September 2008 and that can be found on the south of the island, just outside Costa Adeje.  Siam Park has a large artifical beach with the biggest artifical waves in the world, and rides for all young and old alike, making it suitable for families and friends with any age children in tow.

Siam ParkAfter a quick tour of the resort which enabled us to get our bearings and to get some sense of scale of the place (it’s big!), we sorted outselves out with a locker and started off with the relatively tame but relaxing Mai Thai River ride where we drifted along the ‘river’ in inflatables, meandering past rapids and waterfalls before taking a tunnel beneath an aquarium and admiring the fish (most notably, sharks!) above.

Siam ParkNext up was ‘The Lost City’ – a huge hit with the little ones who don’t reach the height requirements for some of the park’s rides or who are simply too scared by some of them.  There is loads for them to enjoy here, be it squirting passers-by with water guns, exploring the labyrinth of bridges and nets, tipping buckets of water on people, going down the numerous slides or bracing themselves for the periodic deluge from an enormous ‘bucket’ of water from above (pictured).

Siam Park

One of the favourite rides for visitors to Siam Park is The Dragon where a speedy raft of a group of four shoots down a tube and is propelled high up before spinning around a cone, by a roaring dragon.  And if that doesn’t spin you enough, The Giant guarantees an anticlockwise spinning splash before racing down from the starting point, the head of the giant.  Plus there’s the Jungle Snakes, a series of twisting slides, each slightly different.

Siam Park

But perhaps the highlight is the Tower of Power.  People that brave it slide solo down an almost 90-degree chute with a 28-metre drop in around just 4 seconds.  Oh, and just in case that alone doesn’t sound extreme enough, you also whizz through a shark-infested pool when you get to the bottom – but don’t worry, that bit isn’t quite as dramatic as it might sound as you’re encased in a tube so they can’t get you.

Siam Park

I was in two minds about this one but our two boys wanted to see Daddy do it so I didn’t see chickening out as an option.  I climbed the steps to the top; as it turned out, later in the day seemed to be a good time to do the ride, as the queue had dissipated.  Only a few people stood before me, covered head to toe in tattoos and yet cowering at the prospect of going on the ride… this did not bode well!  Thankfully, I didn’t have too long to dwell on that thought and, before I knew it, it was my turn.  And what an experience it was!  I can’t claim to have seen the sharks as I ‘whooshed’ through – everything was a bit of a blur!!!

I leave you with some video footage of the Tower of Power and other rides at Siam Park so you can get more of a sense of how much this great attraction has to offer.

My thanks go to Tenerife Tourism Corporation for their assistance with the visit.

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  1. Nice blow by blow account of Siam Park! Its a fantastic place, and if you like waterparks then you will certainly be in your element.

  2. Emily M says:

    I’ve been here, it’s a good laugh! Good for day out from your holiday with friends or family.

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