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Live orchestra… on a delayed Boeing 747

Having already waited an hour and a half to take off, the Amsterdam Sinfonietta chamber orchestra gave a spontaneous concert on a delayed KLM Boeing 747 at Shanghai Airport.

Paul Johnson

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  1. I note that one of the YouTube comments reads “TEEERRORISMMMMMM.!!!” Too often we are subjected to music without being asked beforehand. Not all of the passengers look that impressed. It is a common trend now for supermarkets, metro stations and the like to play background music, but at least it is at a lower volume, than these unfortunate passengers were subjected to. Were the passengers who do not like this type of music allowed to go upstairs out of the way? As if an hour and a half wait wasn’t enough!

  2. Oh.. cheer up, John! LOL. I can’t see any passengers looking too disgruntled but perhaps you’re better at spotting them than me.

    Actually, you do make a fair point, I suppose, but I don’t think it’s too arduous a thing to have to endure and might go some way towards alleviating the boredom of the wait.

  3. this is probably the high brow version but have you seen the you tube video with the phillipine air stewards doing their air safety demonstration to lady gaga – worth a watch and it would certainly make you pay attention to the demonstration!

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