Ultimate Drives

Ultimate Drives is a Swiss based tour operator offering a range of luxury driving breaks that combine the best “drivers” roads with the most exclusive hotels and destinations in Europe.

For each break, you can either self drive, where you bring your own car and are supplied with a detailed itinerary and navigation unit in advance, or combine with one of the fleet of performance and supercars to create an all inclusive driving break, the fleet of cars is totally up to date, and ranges from sports convertibles, such as BMW’s new Z4, all the way to the latest generation Porsche Turbo and the stunning Ferrari 458 Italia.

For small groups or corporate events, a touring support service can be provided, which includes support staff/cars, personalized itineraries and in car walkie-talkies and entertainment organised en route.

So whether it’s a treat for a loved one, a driving tour along the best roads to the most exclusive destinations in Europe, team incentives or just the love of driving a supercar, Ultimate Drives is the perfect solution.

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  1. irene says:

    its like a top gear episode for all of us – sounds fab – i always think the presenters have some of the best jobs when they get to do a trip in an amazing car!

  2. Emily M says:

    I saw the Top Gear episode where they were driving these roads, even I (a reluctant viewer) was quite envious of the presenters on this occasion. I wonder if this programme led this company to see an opening? I know my husband would love this but would definitely prefer to do it in one of the supercars which has a pirice tag attached! Would be a great short break though. If anyone wants a scenic drive closer to home head to the Antrim coast N.Ireland my personal favourite but more popular with motorbikes than supercars!

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