New members-only luxury travel club

Travesse, a new private members-only travel club launching in the UK in November 2010, is seeking to make luxury travel more affordable.  Travesse believes travellers shouldn’t compromise their high standards and claims to offer top of the range luxury hotels, packages and experiences, but at prices that are in tune with today’s climate of cutbacks and austerity. For their launch in November, they have partnered with 4 and 5 star properties in Rome, London and Malta who are offering our members rooms at “2 and 3 star prices”.

Travesse runs ‘flash sales’, meaning deals are available for purchase on the website for a maximum of 7 days only.  The company is backed by a group of investors from the travel, mobile and internet industries. iPhone and Android apps are expected to follow, allowing customers to browse and buy from their mobile phones.

Comments (5)

  1. irene says:

    sounds interesting will be checking this out – thanks for the heads up

  2. Tai Yuni says:

    Sounds great. They already have something like this in the US, I’m glad it’s coming to London!

  3. Kay McMahon says:

    I joined just to see what would happen and they’ve been emailing me with some pretty good deals.

  4. irene says:

    This has been a great heads up, i joined when i read your initial post and the offers have been pretty impressive. thanks.

  5. Emily M says:

    How does it work? Do you pay to be a member or is it just equivalent to singing up to deals?

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