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Alaskan travel and encounters with bears

Fishing the Pacific Northwest is not only amazing, but provides encounters with wildlife you simply do not expect. Here is a little story of our Alaska travel trip that my travel friend and I experienced last summer in the Saskatchewan. My friend is really into sports fishing, so we had booked a stay at the stately Waterfall Resort in Ketchikan, Alaska. Flying in there on a float plane was quite a charm!   The fishery was stunning. Waterfall Resort is nestled in Alaska’s Inside Passage on the scenic Prince of Wales Island just west of Ketchikan, Alaska. It has been commercially fished for more than a hundred years, and probably fed natives for millennia.  May was King Salmon season, and the salmon were running straight for the hooks of men in yellow waders.  The Waterfall Resort seems to be a sports fishing destination for many top corporate and business men.  Many of them had come because they had won incentive based business challenges.  I am sure you can imagine that this trip was a dream come true for many of these weekend warriors.  For us, it was a new experience, but we were there on much more expansive terms of time. Our journey was to be a lengthy hiatus from the everyday world.  We started out, soft like a fog, from Seattle, Washington aboard a cruise line, and made our way winding around the prehistoric coast of the Pacific Northwest, up through Victoria, British Colombia and finally made it to the austere Alaskan coast.  Many people who go to Alaska cruise Ketchikan and get sucked into the swirling nexus of Alaskan energy in that area.  It might be the northern lights, it might be gold, pink salmon or magic crystals in the hills, but something is stupendous about this area. Entranced by the magic of water churning and boiling with salmon, my friend and I forgot about some fish entrails that we had left outside one night at the end of our stay.  We had stuffed our bellies full of our salmon catch, and enjoyed a complimentary bottle of Champagne.  After falling asleep at the dinner table of our luxury waterfront cabin, we awoke to the noise of something crushing the ground slowly beneath padded furry paws.  We managed to scramble a look at the large and furry tail end of a satisfied Grizzly bear scampering away with our leftovers!  Let it be known that a trip to the Alaskan is for the best of taste, but the rugged at heart. Carol Atkins is a Group Travel Leader with YMT Vacations. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Carol Atkins

Carol Atkins has been traveling the globe for much of her life. She’s currently a travel director with YMT Vacations.

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  1. Sorry….there are NO grizzly bear at Waterfall Resort. The only bear on Prince of Wales Island where Waterfall Resort is located are black bear.

  2. wow! what a experience! I can imagine what’s like to be in front of grizzly bear, you’ll froze to death / scared.
    anyway when you’re up there maybe you can check the Scenic Mountain Air and Alaska float ratings in moose pass near Kenai Park.

  3. Sounds like a crazy experience that you’ll never forget. I’ve personally never been to Alaska but from what I read it seems like a beautiful area. I’d love the opportunity to go there.

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