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Top 10 places to be seen in St Tropez

Since the 1950s St Tropez has cultivated its now celebrated reputation as a jetset playground drawing movie stars, models, and millionaires from around the world. The French newspaper Le Figaro once said that “St Tropez boasts the the greatest number of famous faces per square meter” and for summer 2011 it will still hold true. We can guarantee that the beaches, bars and night clubs will be packed with the rich and famous from around the world and if you want to hang out with the ‘beautiful’ people then here are our top 10 tips for places to see and to be seen. Getting there… Take the boat – If you’re not able to afford to stay within walking distance of the action, either in one of the all too chic hotels or rent your own luxury villa then don’t even think about driving… the roads are packed, it’s hot and parking is scarce. Instead, drive into St Maxime and hop on the ferry. It’s a 10 minute journey and you arrive in style. Hotels and places to stay 1. Hotel Byblos – A favourite with Brigitte Bardot, Hotel Byblos is still the hotel of choice for those who can afford five star luxury. For those with a lesser budget then try a visit to the restaurant or nightclub which are both open to the public. 2. Pan Dei Palais – This boutique hotel is right in the heart of St Tropez, close to absolutely everything and a haven of tranquillity in the madness of a St Tropez summer season. 3. Private Luxury Villas – Rent a luxury villa, hire a private chef and you are all ready to party all day and all night long. Many celebrities choose to rent some of the most fabulous villas available in and around St Tropez. The most sought after are within strolling distance of the famous beaches. Beaches… 4. Club 55 – The original beach club and still the most sought after. In the summer the traffic on the single approach road is wall to wall Bentleys and Aston Martins and driven by those clad head to toe in the latest designer beachwear. The most sought after places are the waterside loungers. But be warned, competition is fierce. 5. Nikki Beach – After the success of the Nikki Beach in Miami the St Tropez doesn’t disappoint. According to the owners you don’t need to be a name to get in, but just to have the ‘right spirit’ – good luck is all we can say…. Restaurants…. 6. Spoon – The restaurant at Hotel Byblos offers a sumptuous menu created by the legendary Alan Ducasse. Bookings are a must! 7. Grand Joseph – This one room restaurant is located just a short stroll from the main port and is ideal for people watching as you sip a chilled glass of an excellent local rose. The food is extremely high end brasserie and is definitely a place that those who want to choose to be seen. Nightlife… 8. VIP Room – The true St Tropez animals party long and hard and never more so that at the VIP Room. This supper and dinner club is a magnet for the rich and famous and just in case you think you’re a little past your clubbing days then think again….in St Tropez anything goes. 9. Papagayo Club – This is the club once frequented by Mick Jagger and Brigitte Bardot and is located bang on the harbour. Book a table on the terrace and you are enjoying one of the most exclusive tables in France, let alone in St Tropez. And finally… 10. Designer Everything – St Tropez is not for the faint hearted, it’s all about looking the part. Designer everything is the absolute minimum and even when you’re on the beach or by the pool never let the standard drop. Fake designer is just not to be tolerated, but don’t worry, the array of designer shopping is simply extraordinary. See you in St Tropez this summer. Maria McLean is Director of Communications at Burger Sotheby’s International Realty. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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