Experience the future of travel with Sienna Charles

Sienna Charles was founded and recently launched by Jaclyn Sienna India, an avid traveler and licensed travel agent, who wants to revolutionise people’s outlook on travel. This luxury travel agency and lifestyle advisory company doesn’t only focus on the comforts of a palatial hotel, the relaxing treatments at a spa, or the pleasurable flavors of haute cuisine. Those are all certainly included in the company’s offerings, but most importantly, there is a great emphasis on experiential travel – journeys that are unique and life changing.

The company is young just like its founder and President, which brings a fresh take on travel and the travel process. First of all, Sienna Charles tries to keep everything as personalized as possible. One can expect reliable interactions with a travel curator, bespoke itineraries including a first class flight and a client’s preferred hotels, restaurants, and activities, and even a bon voyage package that includes a digital itinerary and an exclusive soundtrack created based on a traveler’s tastes and destination to name a few surprises.

Jaclyn realizes that in recent years, people have been yearning more and more for meaningful travel experiences, to witness and immerse themselves in the culture and essence of every destination they find themselves. With this in mind, Sienna Charles offers a Curated Experiences section, which showcases themed experiences, all of which are unique and available in unexpected places, reinvented every month. They also have a Customized Itinerary department that tailors itineraries to each client’s specifications, from the hotel vibe, to fun activities like cruising on the Amazon or visiting wineries in Chile. For the ultimate taste of luxury, there is Exclusive Membership, which allows registered clients access to Sienna Charles’ exclusive network of world-class partners and services, with perks, and exemplary service with accessibility from abroad and at home for all travel and lifestyle needs.

Finally, one can go to the website and read daily-updated articles based on Jaclyn’s travel encounters and recommendations, all selected and endorsed because of their high standards and distinctive offerings. And now, after being selected to be one of Virgin Galactic’s Accredited Space Agents, Jaclyn can offer clients the future of travel, and expeditions previously deemed unreachable can now be realized through Sienna Charles. Thus, from luxury tents in Africa to a suborbital flight beyond the earth’s atmosphere, Sienna Charles brings people closer to experiences more extraordinary than they can create themselves.

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