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Do river cruises make the best European tours?

Taking a quality European tour is often only a once-in-a-decade pleasure! World travelers have to ask for time off from work, have a caretaker, water the plants and board the pets, book travel transportation and accommodations, worry about language barriers and money conversions, and determine what sightseeing is worth the tourist’s time and money! Sometimes the vacation wasn’t even worth the hassle and stress it caused in the planning. So, how do travelers make sure they have the best Europe tour trips that let them experience gorgeous destinations without all the stress? A European river cruise and tour is one exciting and simple solution. Scenic river cruises let travelers tour some of the prettiest areas of Europe through tranquil waterways like the Danube and Rhine Rivers, which have been used as trade routes for centuries. Danube River Cruises Often called the elegant Danube, river cruises that float this body of water can pass through up to ten countries including four capital cities. Travelers that dream of seeing the countryside of Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Slovakia, or exploring gorgeous international cities like Vienna, Budapest, and Passau all in the same trip should look into a Danube River cruise to fulfil their dream vacation. The area of the Danube River Valley between Melk and Krems is also known as the Wachau and is a UNESCO World Heritage Cultural landscape due to the historic castles, ruins, and monasteries that are prolific in the area. Rhine River Cruises The romantic Rhine River travels through Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, France, and the Netherlands all the way to the North Sea. The Upper Middle Rhine Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage site of historical, ecological, and cultural significance and the vineyards and castles seen from the river add to the romance of the cruise. One of the best things about scenic river cruises is that the ports are almost always in the center of the cities. This allows instant access to the cultural centers of the different metropolitan destinations; travelers just walk off the ship and are in the middle of town! This also eliminates the hassle and time of packing and unpacking between cities travelers might want to experience. This is especially important for those travelers that like to walk around the center of towns without having to stay on the outside of town due to expense; a mobile bedroom that conveniently takes tourist to the most exciting destinations across Europe! Tour operators that offer Rhine and Danube River cruises take all the stress out of booking accommodations, travel plans, and sightseeing as they create care-free itineraries that set the stage for a fantastic vacation. As European countries float by in a seemingly endless panorama of history and beauty, travelers can have peace of mind that their escorted vacation provided the greatest ease, value, and sights for their cherished vacation days. Carol Atkins is a Group Travel Leader with YMT Vacations. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Carol Atkins

Carol Atkins has been traveling the globe for much of her life. She’s currently a travel director with YMT Vacations.

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  1. I did the tour of the Rhine myself and although its not my normal sort of travel have to say I loved it. We had visited during the Christmas celebrations that to be honest Germany is always the place to be at Christmas there is just something magical about being there at that time of year.

  2. i have heard that Danube river cruises are fantastic. Danube is, after all, biggest European river.

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