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Getting by in Norway

Somewhere on a mountainous road in Norway, a big rig and big bus have to pass each other.  They need to co-operate to succeed. Thank goodness it wasn’t in icy conditions, that’s all I can say…
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Paul Johnson

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  1. I’m sorry but there appears to be danger on the horizon with the Big Rig vs. Bus on this particular stretch of the highway. It appears both are struggling with how to squeeze around small space when making this turn.

    However, it appear appears that transportation in this area needs to be involved in creating a safe space for rigs, buses and cars to get around this particular curve. Danger is certainly on the way if it has not occurred thus far.

    I’m curious as to whether the Norway transportation authorities have not implemented a safety plan to protect the drivers on this road. Are there other roads in Norway that are as hazardous as this particular one in the above video?

  2. This is the Trollstigen (Troll Road) National Tourist Road in the Fjord Norway region. Good drivers but the truck must have taken the wrong road and ignored the road signs. It is not allowed for vehicles that long to drive the Trollstigen road.

  3. Also.. the road is only open in the middle of the summer so there would not be any cars at all if there were icy conditions :)

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