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5 top Christmas gift ideas for holidays

Here are some great gift ideas for this Christmas. Included are electronic gadgets, stocking fillers and luxury items. Whether your loved ones are going on a business trip or a skiing holiday, there should be something here for most travellers. Top electronic gadget: Samsung Galaxy Note Many people take a mobile phone, digital camera, iPod, tablet or iPad, plus a Kindle when they travel. That is potentially four separate electronic devices besides a phone. The Galaxy Note is big enough to replace a small tablet with a 5 inch touch screen. It has enough storage space for a holiday worth of music and movies. It also has a good quality digital camera. It is slightly smaller than the standard Amazon Kindle too, which makes it a more portable e-reader. If you need to check emails or read the latest posts on A Luxury Travel Blog whilst away, the Note will also be ideal for this. It also comes with an electronic pen which makes it a handy travel journal. Of course it is also a fully featured phone too. Top business gadget: Macbook Air 11 inch If you need something larger than a big screen mobile phone, the Macbook Air is the only choice for the discerning traveller. Top computer manufacturers have tried to compete with this lightweight, ultra slim netbook, but none have managed to match the build quality inside and out. The Air comes in 11 inch and 13 inch screen sized models. The 11 inch may sound too small but the screen resolution is of such high quality, that it looks just as good as the 13 inch and far better than most 15 inch laptops. The outer case is unibody aluminium, which makes it very durable, whilst also weighting just 1kg. The recently released 2012 version has vastly updated specifications. Top baggage gadget: luggage scales These relatively new devices are a godsend. Holidaymakers are quickly seeing the value in these handy electronic scales. They allow travellers to easily weigh a suitcase. Which means no more dragging out the old bathroom scales and trying to peer over your case whilst keeping it balanced. Luggage scales can also be great for measuring how much you can bring back home if you love buying souvenirs. There are various options available which should be chosen to match your suitcase. They are usually cheap enough to make a practical stocking filler. Top sport gadget: SkiA Sweetspot Anyone going on a skiing holiday will benefit from using  the Sweetspot Trainer. This useful ski gadget straps to the base of ski boots. It allows users to find their “sweetspot” and practice balance and movement from their own home. This will save time by avoiding refresher lessons when on the piste. Posture, control, balance and general technique will be improved, making this the ideal preparation for a holiday on the slopes. This is another item which could be used as a stocking filler, for skiers of all levels. Top adventure gadget: Garmin fenix GPS watch performer bundle Those who love walking, mountaineering and other outdoor adventure pursuits, will find this luxury wristwatch a highly useful piece of equipment. The fenix features GPS tracking which will help you stay on track and avoid getting lost. It also features an altimeter, barometer, heart monitor and 3-axis electronic compass. This is the digital timepiece of choice for any adventurer who appreciates the finer things in life. Anna Fern is the owner of Unique Holiday Cottages. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful ideas. My son is holiday mad at the moment so these are the sorts of gifts I think he would like to receive.

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