If money was no object, where would you choose to travel in 2013 and why?

We put the following question to our Twitter followers:

If money was no object, where would you choose to travel in 2013 and why?

And here are just some of your responses:

@luxurytravel to Paris, Italy and South Africa, From storming Faubourg saint-honoré shops, REAL pizza in Naples and a REAL safari!! :D @keyong92

@luxurytravel I’d be back on the Air Bus to Bali’s Amankila! The serenity, sights, smells, and sounds of the place are pure zen. #aman @SolFitAdventure

@luxurytravel if money was no object Id get a round the world ticket and stop in Florida, bora bora, Malaysia and South Africa! @KirstenJulia_29

@luxurytravel Papua! The flights alone range around $7,000. Lol @SmittenWith

To western Europe, @luxurytravel. Exploring Musee du Louvre, glance back to La Gioconda or Monalisa and walk in serenity of Pere Lachaise. @PatriaSRespati

@luxurytravel travel to the top 5 diving spots around the world and experience the magnificence of the reefs while I still can. @KirkCole

@luxurytravel anywhere where the sun shimmers, the sea glimmers and the cocktails are winners….. ;) @NomadsQueenieNZ

@luxurytravel to Australia to see my aunt. Because she’s too elderly to travel now and I’ve never been to Aus to see her. @RainbowChazer

If money was no object, where would YOU choose to travel in 2013 and why? Please tell us by posting in the comments…

Comments (4)

  1. I’d fly to Australia in business class, spend New Years eve on a boat in Sydney Harbour, have an opera house view accommodation from one of Sydney’s luxury hotels, spend a couple of days at Lilienfels in the Blue Mountains, a couple more at Heron Island, take the Indian Pacific Train accross country and an Orion expedition cruise from Darwin to Broome.

  2. Tom says:

    I would fly to South America (first class of course, I wouldn’t want to be stuck in an aluminium can like the proverbial sardines for 20 hours) to look at the inca sites (helicopter over those “drawings” on the ground, maybe go for a trek in the mountains), then I would fly up to the Washington State National Parks. I would then hop over to the NASA museum in D.C. and then fly back to Europe, stopping over for dinner at the Savoy in London and the next day at Heston Blumenthal’s place.

    Would be a nice mixture of ancient civilisations, nature, technology and a touch of class at the end.

  3. I’d fly first class to Paris for a private dinner, prepared by a gourmet chef, served overlooking the Eiffel Tower. I’d then travel Eurail to Brussels for dessert and to spend a few nights in a quaint small town. Then I’d go wherever my heart desires throughout Europe. Even if money is no object, I don’t think I could actually continent hop. :)

  4. Magdalena says:

    Hi Everyone!
    I know that France and Paris is associaciated with gourmet and luxurious tours and many of you dream of going there, but how about Poland? I know you probably never considered Poland as a culinary destination but believe me it’s worth it and cheaper than Paris for sure. In Poland you can also sleep in a 5-star hotel, eat lavish dishes and go sighseeing in maginificient Krakow.I recommend it!

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