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3 new projects herald a new dawn for Nicosia, Cyprus

Locally known as Lefkosia, Nicosia is the largest city in Cyprus. The old city, at the heart of which is the distinctive many-sided Venetian citadel, is home to a wealth of history and tales dating back to the 16th Century. While already a must-see place on the list of any history-minded visitor, a series of major regeneration projects are now underway across the city in a bid to improve the infrastructure, as well as preserve the city’s cherished historical legacies. Here are three developments that herald a new dawn for Nicosia and are expected to be complete within the next two years: Eleftheria Square (Freedom Square) & Solomou Square At the epicentre of Cyprus’ modern history, Eleftheria Square has a long-standing reputation of being the linchpin between the modern city and the historical centre, as well as a reference point for Nicosia’s residents. A regeneration project is planned for the space between this square and neighbouring Solomou Square by the award-winning ZaHa Hadid Architects. An Urban Recreational Park is set to be developed, which will be home to an open-air theatre, a children’s playground, a bicycle route and a number of cafes and food stalls. In a wider effort to improve traffic congestion throughout the city, pedestrians will be able to travel between the two squares making use of the new bridge which is currently being constructed, as well as make use of Solomou Square’s new bus station which will offer 14 new routes across the city. New Town Hall Another significant project is the construction of the New Town Hall – a group of eight buildings which will include new elements, as well as the restoration and refurbishment of historic buildings. With construction already underway, a number of relics have recently been discovered dating back to both the Bronze Age and the Ottoman period. The Kaimakli area Other landmarks within Nicosia that are set for a facelift, include the historic Kaimakli area in the north-west of the city – traditionally the home of many craftsmen, it will see the restoration of a number of house facades along the main streets; as well as the re-design and restoration of the Taht-El-Kale area. The restoration of the façades along the streets of this area will enhance their architectural importance and improve the built environment, while providing incentives for the private sector for further upgrading and investment in the area.

Paul Johnson

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  1. Nice photos and information!! Cyprus is an amazing place that a lot of people should discover!! I’m agree with you, Eleftheria Square is the linchpin between the modern city and the historical centre

  2. An appropriate information about the capital of Cyprus would be the fact that the old city is divided in the middle, the northern part being occupied by the Turkish army together with 37% of the northern part of the island since 1974. Nicosia is the only capital of a country, member of the European Union, to be still divided by an occupation army of a country that seeks eagerly to be become also a member of the EU!

  3. Hi Paul, My team and I are heading to Cyprus in the summer to take virtual tours of holiday homes but we wanted to do a tour of the island. I’ve been there once before and had the most amazing time. Now I’m going for different reasons to really take in the wonderful surroundings. The Eleftheria Square & Solomou Square sound like incredible places and would really fit with our tour. Do you know of any other places that would be suitable for our tour of Cyprus? Many thanks.

  4. I have only been once myself, Jasper… last October. We spent most of our time around Larnaca. I suggest you contact the Cyprus Tourism Organisation and, for Larnaca, I’m sure Nana at the Larnaka Tourism Board would be only too happy to help.

  5. Hi Paul. Thank you so much for the advice I’ve already been on the Cyprus Tourism Organisation and it looks brilliant. Can’t wait to get out there.

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