Recipe of the week: “Crudo” raw scampi and imperial prawns, wild rice and salad

This recipe demonstrates a creative interpretation of Mediterranean cuisine with particular care for local products, which come from small, carefully selected Maremma farms and from the surrounding seas. Here you will find not only Tuscan classics presented in a gourmet style, but also an unexpected combination of particular sea and meat dishes and selected wines that will accompany you in a culinary voyage among the flavours, the aromas and the colours of the Maremma Tuscany. For this week’s recipe, the chef proposes an innovative seafood-based appetiser. Buon appetito!

“Crudo” raw scampi and imperial prawns, wild rice and salad


For one portion:
60g fresh scampi
30g red prawns
30g ‘misticanza’ salad (mixed leaf salad)
3g curry oil
10g black wild rice
10ml citronette sauce
1g halen mòn salt
1g Sichuan pepper
10g pink grapefruit


Press well the scampi pulp inside a pastry ring, placing transparent paper on the top and at the bottom of the pulp, forming a square with equally long sides. Cook the rice in water and salt. Place the scampi in the middle of the plate and remove the transparent paper. Place some misticanza salad on one side of the plate, and place 3 imperial prawns that are slightly open at the end of their back (remove the black thread). Distribute some wild rice all around, place a peeled pink grapefruit on the prawns, then spice it up with curry oil, citronette, salt and pepper. Conserve at 0°C for 2 days.

Thank you to Emiliano Lombardelli, Executive Chef at Dama Dama Restaurant, Tuscany, for the recipe.

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  1. Sam says:

    I love love love seafood! I am cooking for 10 people in 2 weeks time and I am determined to give this a try. I may substitute the wild rice for something else as I know one of my guests isn’t a fan. Thanks for sharing!

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