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Top 5 sensational sunset spots on Ibiza

Your Ibiza holiday experience will not be complete without witnessing at least one soul-shaking sunset. You can watch the sunset a thousand times over, and it will have a mesmerizing effect on you every time. It is the greatest free show on earth, and there is a reason why they say no two sunsets are ever the same. Whether it is the play of colours, the clouds or the stunning scenery, every sunset is unique, but the key requirement to the perfect show is an unobstructed view in plush, exclusive surroundings. Here are some of the prime locations scattered over Ibiza in which to experience a truly magical sunset.

Eden Restaurant, San Miguel

The newest addition to the Hacienda Na Xamena hotel it the aptly-named Eden restaurant – a sunset lounge perched atop a 180 meter cliff. Eden is one of the hot and happening places on the island, with levelled terraces that offer unsurpassed sea views. Take a front row seat and indulge yourself in what Eden refers to as “fooding” – a mixture between food and feeling. The vibe is sexy and glamorous while you experiment with new culinary sensations. Aside from delectably dishes and colourful cocktails, the evening is accompanied by live music, DJ’s, fashion shows and show-cooking.

Hacienda Na Xamena

Pearl Restaurant, San Antonio

The upmarket Pearl Restaurant, crown of the Ocean Beach Club, is one of the most high-end dining spots in the San Antonio strip. The restaurant is accessed via an exclusive VIP entrance on the promenade, where you are whisked away to a romantic table subtly illuminated by fairy lights. These tables are sea facing, where you are guaranteed an exquisite sunset.

Ocean Beach sunset

Cap d’es Falcó, Ses Salines

Cap d’es Falcó is only accessible via a bumpy dirt road through the national park of Ses Salines, but it is the place to be if you are looking for a touch of glam and to rub shoulders with a few international celebrities. Its popularity lies in its head chef who can conjure up Italian-inspired masterpieces, but the waterside setting is the real show-stealer. The trademark boat bar offers stunning views over the rolling hills and ocean, which makes it the perfect sunset-setting.

El Chiringuito,  Es Cavallet

El Chiringuito is everything you would expect from a luxury club, and then some. It is right on the stunning white beach of Es Cavallet, and breathtaking somehow falls short to describe it. It was voted as one of the most beautiful beach restaurants, and once you lay eyes on the white daybeds, you’ll understand why. These inviting platforms are the absolute best to while away a lazy sunset, with world class service that will leave you pampered.

Mambo, San Antonio Sunset Strip

Café Mambo is synonymous with celebrities, and has seen the likes of Paris Hilton and musical maestro David Guetta. It is the hottest pre-party party bar this side of the sunset strip. Headline acts, gourmet food and front row sunset seats ensure that Café Mambo remains to be one of the best restaurants. It is the venue of choice for young and affluent trendsetters.

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  1. One of the most beautiful sunsets can also be witnessed from Villa Beatriz. The Dutch Playboy photographers already saw the artistic possibilities of this exquisite villa for their Christmas edition. We do mis this location this exclusive location on this list of sunsets.

  2. Anywhere on the island one can enjoy the sunset, whether you stay in Ibiza Town and see the city colouring pink when the sun sets, or at the beaches Benirras or Cala Conta. Just avoid San Antonio area too exploited to be fun or glamorous.

  3. Ibiza has some of the best sunset spot in the Mediterranean Sea. I know some others spots like Oia in Santorini or Vigo in Spain too, but those of Balearic Islands are the best. Sitting in a bar near the sea with the sun falling down, and enjoying a glass of fresh Spanish white wine you can think the life it’s perfect. And my favourite beach is Cala Falco!

  4. I agree with Sean! Benirras is really one of the most beautiful sunset beaches! It’s really authentic and the nature is breath taking. Also you have the healthy food option with Elements, right on the beach. A lovely restaurant.

  5. Can someone please explain to me the very basics of sunrise and sunset!

    I thought the sun rose in the east and set in the west!

    You cannot see the sunset in Ibiza town, Ses Salines or Es Cavallet!

    The top 5 spots should read

    Cala Conta –
    Café del Mar/ Mambo’s/ Savannah
    Anywhere else on the WEST COAST
    Pabs back garden which faces WEST incidently!

  6. As an ‘Ibicenca’ myself I must say that no matter where it is amazing to watch the sun setting in any place on the island, even if you don’t see the whole process! And as a ‘traveler’ myself, I still believe ours are the best ones! Just the image is pure luxury but if you find a nice spot with a great front sit and a nice cold glass of wine, the feeling is pure majesty!

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