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The 10 most expensive cities in the world

Tokyo, traditionally regarded as one of the most expensive cities in the world, no longer tops those rankings. The global cost of living survey conducted by ECA International sees them fall from 1st to 6th, whilst cities in Norway (due to the strong krone) and Africa are now regarded as the most expensive places to live. 500 kroner 10. Bern, Switzerland 9. Basel, Switzerland 8. Geneva, Switzerland 7. Zurich, Switzerland 6. Tokyo, Japan 5. Moscow, Russia 4. Juba, South Sudan 3. Stavanger, Norway 2. Luanda, Angola 1. Oslo, Norway A similar cost of living survey was conducted by Numbeo who came up with the following top 10 which bears a number of similarities. (The scores that you see have been calculated from 2,410,000 prices submitted by 23,000 independent contributors.) 10. Tokyo, Japan (135.23) 9. Bergen, Norway (138.79) 8. Perth, Australia (139.63) 7. Lucerne, Switzerland (139.94) 6. Bern, Switzerland (142.44) 5. Geneva, Switzerland (146.24) 4. Oslo, Norway (152.03) 3. Zurich, Switzerland (152.84) 2. Stavanger, Norway (171.32) 1. Trondheim, Norway (188.91)

Paul Johnson

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  1. Food is cheaper in Japan than in Australia. Clothes are cheaper in Japan than in Australia. I have worked in Japan for 6 months of every year for the past 26 years. They must have used other items to judge Japan.

  2. Am glad and a little surprised and glad that Port Moresby, wasn’t on the list. Most hotels travelers would stay cost about US$350 a night. Unfortunately the costs and poor publicity cause travelers to skip Port Moresby when there’s much to see and enjoy there (in safety.)

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