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5 reasons we think a luxury safari is better than any other holiday

As Africa addicts ourselves we realize we are writing this from a biased point of view, but we hope to argue convincingly why a luxury African safari beats any other type of luxury trip. We know there will be some who disagree, but we hope this article will be enjoyable for those of you who are considering going, and for those of you who already return again and again. Wildlife We thought we’d get this one out of the way first. How many luxury hotels are there in the world, which often have elephants grazing outside the rooms, and prides of lion casually sleeping on the lawn? Not many. Even the birdlife in Africa is so spectacular that you can often find you’ve spent hours on your private, spacious and comfortable verandah watching the birds, and often seeing other species of game wander casually past. Safari wildlife Locations We’re not saying that other luxury camps and lodges in the world are not in good locations, but some of the luxury African safari properties are in locations which cannot be rivaled anywhere else. Balanced on the edge of a vast natural Crater, or on the top of a flat sacred rock with views of the bush and water hole below, in the middle of a vast salt pan, or on the banks of the mighty Zambezi, or at the same height as birds of prey soar – luxury African safari lodges are more often than not in some of the most remote, untouched and pristine locations that still exist on this earth. Safari locations The people No matter which part of Africa you visit there will be a deep inherent cultural value which will shine through in the camp staff and your expert guide – the African traditions are not only fascinating but the Africans themselves are delighted to share their traditions with you. No matter where you travel in Africa you will also find that the African sense of humour and joy de vivre is absolutely infectious and it is these happy and friendly people who will make your entire trip. The people The camps and lodges themselves No one, and we mean no one, does luxury tented camps like the African safari operators. These camps still have the elegance and romanticism of the first ever explorations through Africa, but are so comfortable that you could live in your luxury tent – many of them have freestanding roll top baths, outdoor showers and enormous four poster beds, furnished with campaign furniture. If you like something a little more modern we know of some chic glamorous tented camps, which would blow the socks off the most discerning of clients. If it is a lodge you are after then rest assured you will have the pick of some of the world’s most unique boutique lodges, all with quirky designs, combined with extraordinary locations – this is what really makes a luxury African safari more unique than any other trip. Safari camp A day on safari No day on a luxury safari is the same – in Africa freedom is the order of the day and you can explore the vast game filled savannah by game drive, on a horse, by boat, by camel, in a helicopter, by motorbike or on foot. There is simply so much to see and do here. Star beds and fly camping are an absolute must, as you sleep in the safety of your four poster which has been relocated to a raised wooden deck in the bush, with the stars above you and the African night to send you to sleep – waking up to an African sunrise right in front of you is like no other experience. Take a private candlelit dinner out in the bush, have a massage as you watch the elephants play below you, learn how to track big game with Masai or Samburu trackers, explore vast areas of desert and uncharted territory, or simply relax on the bright white sands, and azure waters of the Indian Ocean. A day on safari On a luxury safari no day is ever the same, and the next day is always more life changing that the last. Rose Hipwood is Managing Director of Africa Rose Travel Ltd. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. You could not have said it better. African Safari lodges are of exceptional quality, no doubt because of safari’s long history and operators quite literally outdoing each other everyday.

  2. Africa ,much looked as a wildlife destination is not enough presented,if we do not talk about its cultures and traditions !
    There is an amazing multitude of happy and friendly people who are proud of their countries and ready to make sure you enjoy your visit.Most of african peoples are happy to tell you about their cultures,traditions,beliefs,different stories you could not imagine.Because of the language barrier,you won’t experience/understand everything if not accompanied by a local who can translate to you .

    Meeting locals is a great opportunity to learn about history and culture of Africa at its purest!

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