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Choosing to travel by air by business or first class is a luxury which simply has to be done when embarking on a trip of a lifetime. Obviously all airlines don’t travel to all places but below we’re taking a look at five fantastic, luxury carriers that you simply shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to travel with. Cathay Pacific Cathay Pacific is an airline that makes you wish you could stay on the plane even longer than necessary and that’s no mean feat. Crowned Airline of the Year several times Cathay has over 60 years of experience in the air and provides travellers with only the finest levels of comfort, service and overall flight experience. Cathay Pacific Japan Airlines Japan Airlines have been around since the 1950s and have considered first-class comfort one of the key priorities since the first day. They offer some advanced and original comfort options including the Skysleeper Solo which is designed to keep you completely comfortable whether laid flat or sat up. The in-flight menu is second to none and allows you to sample Japanese delicacies or tuck into your favourite Western classics. Japan Airlines Emirates From humble beginnings in 1985 Emirates has grown to be considered the height of luxury. They’re one of the most luxurious travel brands on the market and to ensure you get the rest and relaxation you need, Emirates make quiet cabins a priority. They have been lauded for their quality cuisine, range of entertainment and the high levels of customer service across all their flights. Emirates Delta BusinessElite tickets with Delta will not leave you wanting more. You’ll be provided with everything you could need and then some. With an expansive range of in-flight entertainment alongside gourmet meals that would challenge top restaurants. There are a whole range of services exclusively for BusinessElite passengers to ensure the whole experience is seamless and you want for nothing. Delta Etihad Etihad is the national airline of the United Arab Emirates and their core focus is providing the eight of traditional Arabian hospitality. They fly to and from 68 destinations across 43 countries and all business class passengers can be assured of VIP treatment. Etihad flights offer five different seating lasses with a range of different top features. Diamond First Class Suite sits at the top of the pile and takes luxury to a new level. You’re provided with your own personal suite, a 6’8” bed that lays fully flat and a private food and beverage manager to keep you topped up and full. Etihad James Mannings is Co-Founder of Luxury Villa Rentals. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Singapore Airlines is one of the top airlines in the world, and has been ranked top for over two decades (from service to comfort), yet is not featured in this article. I seriously doubt the accuracy of this article…

  2. I’ve flown a couple million miles and can agree with some on your list. But Delta and JAL? And no Singapore Airlines? Be serious. Hard to beat Singapore, and I especially love their all business class A340 for the 17 hour LAX-SIN nonstop. Second longest in the world I believe (after their EWR-SIN), sadly being discontinued next month as the A340 is too expensive to operate. Shaved several hours off the usual LAX-NRT-SIN route.

  3. I’m not sure a thorough review was done here. I agree Singapore is a must on this list and Delta and JAL should be removed. I’ve experienced better service on Thai than either of those two. Fully agree on Cathay and Emirates .

    1. I agree, Cathay is great but so is Singapore Airline. It should have been listed.

  4. I agree with all previous comments concerning Singapore Airlines. I grew up in Asia and traveled twice a year on long-haul flights as a kid and Singapore Airlines was not only great in service but as well with kids. It was a real luxury being able to travel with them so much growing up! Now I live in Switzerland and I have to say that there is no airline in Europe that beats Swiss’ first class and business class cabins!

  5. Flew long haul with Emirates and they are the best airline for wheelchair assistance to the mobility impaired. Even in cattle class.

    The seats were comfortable even in cattle class. Sat in a business class seat whilst waiting to disembark and they were excellent, bearing in mind me arthritic old back that is hyper-sensitive from the word go.

    The service was efficient and with a smile. Staffing problems must have existed but never were viewable by the passengers. Good management style, therefore.

    If any and all of these airlines follow other luxury brands, and have adult only sections, with the families put together separated from the rest of us, even better. You can easily go temporarily deaf or even suffer tinnitus if get too close to the high pitch of an operatic grade baby / toddler for too long.

    If the food in business and first class in Emirates is as good as it was in cattle class, then that airline is one of the best.

    The entertainment was individual on the seat in front of you and the screen just a nice size, with the text made clear and large enough for my old eyes.

    Lots of information of how far we were along in the trip.

    Even in cattle class, my back did not suffer in the aircraft seat, my legs were not too squashed in the leg room and I was able to nod off with the height of the seat.

    As I flew all the way to Australia, which means two days by time differences, then I should have been seized up solid. I was not.

    Also unlike every other airline, the wheelchair assistance was so efficient, they could not have been more helpful.

    Aircraft travel has many stresses, but Emirates is world class in alleviating these.

  6. I agree with the above list.I would also like to keep emirates on the top of my list as i consider it as the most luxurious and comfortable flight that everyone would dream to travel through!!

  7. Agree with @Elle. Emirates Airways A380 offers private suites. And suite includes a wardrobe, minibar, and a seat that converts to a bed topped with a mattress.

  8. I really doubt the accuracy of this review. It’s missing qatar airways and singapore airlines. Delta airlines wouldn’t be listed here.

  9. is there any airline that ONLY provides a luxury class produce? i.e not just First class but TOTAL LUXURY EXPERIENCE

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