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10 gems you cannot miss when visiting Jamaica

Jamaica is without a doubt the ideal place for island getaways with warm weather, lush beaches, and of course, the pristine sea. From the grand and quaint Jamaica resorts, to the stunning beaches and landscape perfect for outdoor adventure, it’s easy to see why this island stands out among its Caribbean neighbors. Here are Jamaica’s Top 10 gems that break the mold and offer the kind of vacation bliss dreams are made of. West End catamaran cruise, Negril A catamaran cruise is one of the best ways to see the island. Typically full of everything you need for a great time with your significant other or friends — including snacks, cocktails, island music, and dancing — Negril sails always offer unparalleled sunset viewings and picturesque cliff-side vistas. YS Falls trek, South Coast YS Falls is one of Jamaica’s finest natural attractions. Replete with exceptional beauty and boasting a 7-tiered cascading waterfall, wading pool fed by underground springs, lush gardens, and more, trekkers who visit this natural paradise are free to jump off the falls and into the water below using a rope swing, zip line over the falls, and river tube. YS Falls Martha Brae bamboo river raft ride, Falmouth If you’re in the mood for a relaxed ride along a serene, quiet river, then you can’t miss this gem. Perfect for two, the Martha Brae river ride takes you down a slow-flowing river on a 30ft bamboo raft manned by an experienced raft guide. See tropical flora and fauna along the way. Dunn’s River Falls, Ocho Rios Dunn’s River Falls is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Jamaica and climbing them is a popular pastime for many visitors. This natural wonder, standing a majestic 180ft high, is decorated with small lagoons and tropical plants. More than just a waterfall attraction, visitors can purchase handmade crafts, taste authentic foods, stroll through the quiet park, or take a swim in the water at the foot of the falls. Seven-Mile Beach snorkel, Negril Negril’s famed Seven Mile Beach has been rated as one of the top ten beaches in the world by many travel magazines. There is so much to do here amid the white sands and clear-blue sea but snorkeling is among the best options; as the reefs are full of exuberant marine life including fish such as angelfish, box fish, stingrays, seahorses, and starfish, as well as colorful anemones and beautiful corals. Additionally, this vast Seven-Mile Beach houses a plethora of amazing Jamaica resorts for those who want to be directly in the midst of this world-renowned beach haven. Roadside jerk, Montego Bay, Negril And then there’s the food! Jamaica’s cuisine is perhaps the most well known in the Caribbean. While there are luxurious restaurants that can stretch the budget thin, there is also incredible island food available roadside. Explore the island’s roadside jerked meats, seasoned with all spice, scotch bonnet peppers, thyme, and ginger. Jerk vendors can be found in Montego Bay, Negril, and several other areas, and typically use oil drums to grill the meats. No trip to Jamaica would be complete without a little jerk and a side of rice and peas. Black River safari, South Coast Unspoiled beauty is the foundation of the South Coast’s allure. Waterfalls, springs and rivers can be found in abundance here. The Black River is one fascinating gem found on the South Coast of Jamaica. The river protects a marine ecosystem that safeguards the unique mangrove tree species, a variety of birds, and even, crocodiles. Black River safaris allow you to observe the native crocodiles and savor local dishes. Guided tours take place aboard comfortable boats where as you cruise, you’ll have the opportunity to learn all about the area’s flora, fauna, and history. Blue Lagoon swim, Port Antonio One of the most famous and stunning tourist attractions in Jamaica is the Blue Lagoon, a deep blue waterhole fed by freshwater springs and connected to the sea by a narrow channel. Famed for its intense blue and green colors and refreshing waters, the lagoon is nearly 200 feet (more than 50 meters) deep. Visitors can scuba dive and snorkel in the crystal clear waters—experiences not to be missed and experiences that most certainly will not soon be forgotten. Doctor’s Cave, Montego Bay Jamaica is full of beautiful beaches but none with the intrigue that Doctor’s Cave offers. A fluffy, white sandy beach and water, both calm and crystal clear, comprise this veritable jewel once believed to have healing qualities in its water. During the 1920s, people from around the world visited the beach to bathe in its waters and hopefully soak up some of its curative qualities. Doctor's Cave beach Spectacular beaches, various locations If you’re accustomed to all-inclusive vacations, then you know that the best beaches are found near all-inclusive Jamaica resorts! Whether visiting a quaint hotel or a grand all-inclusive resort, one thing’s for sure: the island’s most treasured gem, a pristine beach, can be found at (or near) the best resorts and hotels in Jamaica. So be prepared to spend most of your time sunbathing and swimming the day away. Chris Callaghan is Head of Marketing at Interactive Resorts. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. I’ve been to Jamaica twice already and it’s one of my favorite Caribbean destinations. Great list of activities.

  2. These are the standard places, the best thing we did was get a car and see the real island – amazing stuff ….

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