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10 top tips for affordable luxury travel

Want to find a luxury holiday for less? Don’t despair – you don’t need a bottomless budget to enjoy luxury travel. With this helpful guide, it’s entirely possible to find a decadent getaway with a price tag you can actually afford. Without further ado, therefore, here are my 10 top tips for affordable luxury travel. Sheen Falls swimming 1. Booking your holiday as far in advance as possible will give you the most choice. Plus you’ll be able to take advantage of early bird discounts. 2. If you have forgotten to book in advance then last minute special offers can still offer discounts, as long as you are open-minded on where you could jet off to. 3. Be flexible with your travel dates and flight times. Most people prefer to travel mid-morning, which means you can find cheaper deals if you’re willing to travel before sunrise, in the late afternoon or evening. 4. Booking out of season often makes travel much cheaper. End of season breaks tend to be less expensive than those mid-season. Europe is a great place to visit in Autumn. It’s still warm, not too crowded and you can find much cheaper accommodation. 5. Consider reducing the length of your trip. While ten days in a luxury hotel may be unattainable, five days may be more realistic. 6. Think about flying with a budget airline so you have more money to splash out on your hotel. Once you’re lounging by a de luxe five star pool, the no frills plane journey will be but a distant memory. 7. Don’t rule out all-inclusive options. While you may pay more upfront, you’ll save a ton of spending money, reducing your overall holiday cost. 8. Look closer to home, including in the UK. Flights are getting more expensive with rising fuel costs. And a luxury holiday cottage in a UK national park can still allow you to kick back in style. 9. Check reviews. Where possible, research a hotel or travel provider before you book to avoid disappointment. 10. Research the Web. The best place to find luxury travel deals is online. Sylvia Nankivell is Director of Indulgable UK. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Good advice to consider priorities in planning a trip. Do you r-e-a-l-ly have to go at that time of year? Consider traveling other than the peak of the peak season or events. The quality of vacation time might be more important that the length of the vacation time.

  2. As a luxury lifestyle agent/blogger, I’ve been wanting to do my own post on tips for luxury travel and just never got around to it. In reading this post, you have hit all on the important key issues that I would have addressed. I think I will just share this post with my readers with a link back to this page. Well done, thanks.

  3. Luxury short breaks in and around London and beyond, done little and often, brings luxury into the range of everyone as a nurturing treat.

    What about the boss giving you an afternoon or day treat instead of the sales bonus?

    It’ll save you from stress burn-out from a high powered career all too soon.

    Stress can bring anyone down.

    As they say, the worst thing that happen to the rich, is that they become poor.

    I don’t recommend it, as there is no soft landing any more.

    Prevent stress taking you down and stay in the lap of luxury. Even if only for a day every couple of months.

    Switch off your iPhone, iPod, iMac, or other smart phone device and go offline. Luxuriate in doing absolutely nothing. For in doing nothing, relaxing, your body is doing loads to save you from the ill health of bad stress.

    And you can prevent stress by the briefest of travel to your destination. Maybe even hiring a fancy car for a weekend deal as ‘boy’s toys’ to go down the local village pub and back to just keeping doing completely nothing!

  4. I agree about going off-season. I live in Goa, India and the seasons are very on or OFF. at off season, everything is at least half price. we go to fancy hotels just for fun/out of boredom b/c it’s so cheap when the monsoon is banging down! you just don’t get those awesome sunny beach days, you get comfy bed, lay around days

  5. Excellent post. I agree, shoulder seasons are often a great time. And its worth think ingtwice about going when certain events are on. This is often a more expensive time to visit that destination. For example, a few years back we visited Rio in December, but not at Carnival time. And what a city! No need to be there in the crush of carnival. Any day of the year it is just superb.

  6. I love the tip about staying closer to home. I think so many of us just think about escaping and going as far away as possible, I’m a prime example as I now live in NZ though I’m from the UK. I wish now I had seen more of what the UK has to offer and by saving on flights I would have been able to do it in style!

  7. Great advice!

    Another option is to use airline and hotel loyalty points to pay for luxury trips. My wife and I are flying to New York in First Class next summer and saved over 90% on the flights by using Avios. We will be staying in a 5* hotel in Times Square and also paid using loyalty points and saved around 65%.

  8. Very interesting article, thanks A Luxury Travel blog for your time and energy. You always give us informative articles!

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