Photograph of the week: Lebua at State Tower

lebua at State Tower is known for its golden dome with its fantastic view, fine dine cuisine and luxury accommodation. It became especially famous after the launch of the well known film “The Hangover Part II”  and now is a ‘must see, must stop’ destination when visiting Bangkok, Thailand. The image below was taken during Jon Raho’s first visit to the place, and it really took his breath away. Upon arriving at the State Tower, you are greeted by the hotel staff and escorted to the rooftop where the Dome is located as well as the fine dine “Sirocco” restaurant and “Sky Bar”.  They are very strict about taking photographs and only allow you to take them at the the sky bar, and of course no tripods! Which is a shame as it really limits the photos you can take. The image was taken hand held with the ISO all the way at 1600.

Thank you to Jon Raho Studios for permission to re-produce the image.

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  1. John says:

    What a stunning photograph. It beautifully captures the essence of this beautiful site and creates a true sense of the space.

  2. Would make sense to restrict the use of tripods if it’s a highly trafficated spot. But this image of the golden dome doesn’t really give the impression that it’s a very crowded place.

    Wonder what they would say if you showed up with a monopod, a gorillapod or maybe just a walking stick to support your camera.

  3. Jonathan says:

    Henrik Flensborg, They check you in some cases when they see you have more than a point and shoot to make sure you dont have mono pods or tripods.. it really is a shame cause the view is just amazing up there! But yes, does make sense for them not allowing such accessories xD

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