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7 top tips for women who want to travel light

Women are not exactly known for stepping out of the house with only the bare essentials. We like to be prepared for any sort of situation we might encounter once we leave our homes. When traveling to a local or international destination on a holiday that would last a couple of days, we tend to bring gargantuan suitcases along with us. But imagine the freedom of traveling light—nothing more than a single bag that you can carry with you (and not check in). Here are a few tips to make the impossible happen for you on your next travel. 1. White shirts are your friends A nice white shirt made of wrinkle-free fabric is the best thing you can own if you like to travel. This white shirt can be worn for both casual and more formal occasions. Pair this shirt with a statement piece (a scarf, necklace, or other items of jewellery) and you will instantly feel like a million dollars. You can also wear it when engaging in outdoor activities or just strolling along town. 2. Sarongs are worth their weight in gold Invest in a couple of nice sarongs so you could take one or two with you whenever you travel. Sarongs are incredibly versatile—you can use it as a stole or blanket whenever the weather turns chilly, as a cover for your bare shoulders and legs whenever you visit holy sites, as a pillow, as a statement scarf, or even as a cover-up on the beach. Posh Totti 3. Do not bring your entire make-up kit Unless you are a popular model, chances are that no one would really ask you to pose for a magazine cover whenever you travel. Bring only the minimum when it comes to make-up: waterproof mascara, easy-to-apply eyeliner, and your favourite day-to-night lipstick shade. But do not ever forget the SPF items (sunscreen, lip balm, etc.) to protect your skin. Make-up 4. Two-in-one toiletries Do not bring the entire hoard of beauty and hygiene products in your bathroom. Opt for multi-use toiletry items such as two-in-one shampoo and conditioner, lotion and sunscreen, etc. 5. Simple and versatile accessories One statement necklace (provided it is not something that appears like you filched it off Lady Gaga’s bureau), a statement ring, or a pair of eye-catching earrings are all you need on your holiday. 6. Dark trousers Trousers in dark colours will be more useful for you when traveling, as the wrinkles and dirt are hidden by the colour. If you can, bring along ones with elastic belts so you would feel comfortable all day long, and after you indulge in the local cuisine. 7. Pack some skirts Choose skirts made with blended fabric, with an elastic or drawstring waistband. Skirts are perfect for dressing up or down, and are ideal if you are visiting the beach or a tropical country. Plus, they go with pretty much everything, so you do not have to appear like you have dressed yourself in pitch darkness. Skirt2 Marco Sagese is Director at Discount Car Hire.

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  1. So you pack two shirts and two skirt and two trousers so as to have wash and wear.

    Much lighter packing is no more than three summer dresses, wrinkle free.

    Shirts always ride up as you bend to pick up anything from your trouser waistband.

    Travelling business class will wrinkle clothes less, as the seats are sufficient width for anyone lower than hippo size.

    And the great thing (sic) about a white top is that the least spot shows up like a belisha beacon. Not good for the posh traveller in business class.

    The summer dress to wear on the plane could best be a long hemline so will not ride up immodestly when lying back on your near flat bed aircraft seat.

    Especially in tropical climates the looser the sleeves and waist the better, otherwise liable to get a rash from prickly heat.

  2. Excellent tips for packing light. I suggest using the local laundry services to save room in your luggage for those special finds you will discover and want to add to your wardrobe when touring. A new scarf, hat, necklace, or wearable from a local artisan are wonderfully fun to bring home.

  3. I have not checked a bag when traveling for several years. My tips for packing light as a woman are as follows:
    1. Choose a pivotal color around which to pack- either black,navy blue or whatever is your favorite- orange?
    2. Tops and bottoms should be solids to better be able to mix/match. Any patterned item should only be an accessory – tights/scarf/socks.
    3. Shoes must be kept to a minimum- 1 pair heels,1 pair sandals and one comfortable but nice pair walking shoes. If you need something bulky like hiking boots or knee high boots, wear them on the plane and carry pair of slippers to change into.
    4. Avoid bulky sweaters and focus on layering if warmthis an issue.

    There are few women who can carry off wearing a patterned dress. Often it is the pattern that ends up wearing the woman unless it’s very subtle. Watch out for that.
    Safe travels!

  4. Nice tips! Skirts are great – but I generally prefer 1-2 dresses for the best lightweight packing. Wear alone, add a cardigan, wrap a pashmina around your shoulders, etc. They are so versatile! Plus, with the right dress you can wear it with flip-flops and sunglasses during the day, and dress it up with a statement necklace and ballet flats in the evening.

  5. Totally agree with your suggestions. After years of struggling now I am almost an expert for light packing! Sarong/scarf duo is a good inspiration. But sarong/scarf/towel is an even better alternative. Turkish peshtemal beach towels are great for drying as well. They are light in real sense!

  6. Great tips–especially about packing dark trousers. Before I moved to London, I once packed for a week-long trip here in a carry-on bag. When a gentleman in a pub asked me how I did it, I told him I just brought two pairs of black pants and switched them out everyday. (Only later did I discover that in Britain, “pants” mean underwear. No wonder the man was horrified.)

  7. I like to bring a Facial Spray Water like Shpritz from American Spa Essentials, they have a carry-on size. It’s great for hydrating your skin and handy to have with you for lots of other uses when you are traveling.

  8. I totally agree with the points mentioned. A white shirt and sarong are a must in my bag each time I travel. I just came back from a backpacking trip in Ubud.

    I got lovely sarongs and amazing cotton shirts that I can use on all my trips.

  9. Nice tips, but it depends where you travelling to and what you are doing when you get there. I just got back from a trip which included a 3 day wedding celebration, followed by a safari trip and off to a beach resort for relaxation. Travelling light was not an option. Next month off to Iceland,, it will be cold so lots of warm clothes needed. Don’t worry about not traveling light, make sure you got everything you need to have a good trip. And enjoy..

  10. My favorite tip from your article is about how one can pair a plain white tee with an accessory for any casual or formal occasion. Aside from this tip, I thought that one can also get a plain white temple dress to stroll casually through town. Thanks for the awesome tips!

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