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Diamonds are Forever – the ultimate 007 mega yacht!

Ever dreamed of starring in a 007 film? Well now you can take your place in a starring role as the Head of S.P.E.C.T.R.E. aboard this ultimate 007 mega yacht “Diamonds Are Forever”… available for private hire! First impressions of this stunning mega yacht are of an imposing HQ for counter-intelligence operations… straight from any James Bond film, and fit for Blofeld himself. Yet once aboard, guests will soon discover that elegance abounds from bow to stern, and heads will certainly turn at every port from St. Tropez to St. Barths! Diamonds are Forever The commissioning owner of yacht “Diamonds Are Forever” is one John Staluppi, an American self-made businessman and owner of a chain of US car dealerships. Staluppi is a dedicated James Bond aficionado, who has even named his entire fleet of yachts after Bond films; with “Octopussy”, “Moonraker”, “Thunderball”, and “The World is Not Enough” among the yacht collection. But Staluppi  himself is more likely to have been detailed on 007’s hit-list than to have been on Her Majesty’s Secret Service… Staluppi was identified in the 1990’s by the FBI as a senior member of the Colombo mafia family, and since this time he has become hugely successful and tremendously wealthy, leading to widespread speculation as to his interests. But like any good James Bond villain, Staluppi remains one step ahead! Today however, Staluppi is better known as a philanthropist and personally supports the less fortunate. Diamonds are Forever As a yachtsman and experienced yacht owner, Staluppi worked closely with Benetti Yachts to create the ultimate James Bond style yacht in “Diamonds Are Forever”. This combined talent has resulted in a luxury mega yacht which meets the most demanding charter requirements; palatial open spaces, only the finest materials, and of course the very latest state-of-the-art technology to make “Q” jealous! Security is paramount, and whilst “Odd Job” is not in service, the first class professional crew ensure the highest levels of service and privacy. Diamonds are Forever “Diamonds Are Forever” features six VIP staterooms for up to twelve guests in absolute luxury. She is available for private charter from €330,000 Euros per week…so a few decent diamonds at least! Daniel Barber is Director of AquaCruise Yacht Charter.

Daniel Barber

Daniel Barber is the director and principle owner of AquaCruise Ltd, a luxury yachting and yacht charter company. He has been involved in the yachting world for over 30 years, from family yachts as a child, to crewing as a young adult, to currently owning yachts and managing large superyachts for a number of high profile international clients. Daniel has a highly unique insight into the often private world of yachting!

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  1. Wow, such a luxurious and comfortable I hope I could stay there for a while. Great rooms and I love the bed .NICE POST…

  2. I’m sure we’d all secretly love to be James Bond if just for a little while, and this seems the perfect opportunity for bringing out your inner double ‘0’! Maybe one day…

  3. Love this post! Your references to James Bond films kept it interesting. Of course the pics are fantastic!

    1. In fact there are many ships made after 007 last one is quantum of solace same builfer true fact was jyst looking at it lol

  4. The owner certainly is James Bond aficionado to name the entire fleet after James Bond movies. It looks absolutely luxurious. Would be curious to know how many days a year it’s rented out.

  5. Wow, wow, wow! What a beauty that is! Thanks for sharing this :) Lovely photos too. Wonderful that they designed it so tastefully. Sometimes these mega-yachts can get a little tacky.

  6. Now that would be one awesome experience to be on board that beauty! Maybe we can get a group of us together and put a few dollars/pounds in and get a community meet-up at this mega yacht. That is just beyond belief both in terms of cost and extravagance.

  7. A tiny bit out of my price range, but I’ll pitch in with everyone??! I love the lights on the bottom of the boat–very pretty! And, I don’t think I’d ever get out of that bed.

  8. Wow! Now that brings the word ‘luxury’ to a whole new level! Love the pictures included in this post!! Beautiful interior – if I was only rich!

  9. Wow how amazing does that yacht look?! I wish I was mega rich so I had a chance of going on there one day lol. I could do with some luxury

  10. Bloody hell…That’s… Well… Quite something! Absolutely gorgeous.
    I’ll play the Russian spy and come and just take the boat! (What no? not possible? Shame, that was in my budget :( )

  11. Wow what a way to live out a fantasy….now to dream of a way to find the money to do it :-)Winning the lottery msy be a good start

  12. I have nothing other than WOW. So basically I need to start up some kind of very successful dealership business so I can secure one of these?

  13. Wow this raises heartbeat of every boat owner like me… The sky is the limit.. there is always something better around the corner..

    Nice style of yacht interior but i don’t like the bed. Its a little to old fashioned. But this is a question of taste.

    I was wondering if the $300,000 includes staff plus food & beverages!?

  14. Thanks everyone for your kind comments and interest in this article….

    TOBIAS – in answer to your specific question. The low season rate of €330k Euros (aprox $450k USD) is only for the exclusive rental of the yacht for 7 nights. All expenses must be paid in addition – so that is fuel, port fees, pilotage, communications, taxes, stocking of the yacht, etc etc.

    Typically we would suggest to allow around $100k USD to cover all the costs for a week charter (on the basis that if you are spending 450k on a week’s holiday, it is quite probable that you will be consuming $500 bottles of Champagne to go with your caviar…)

    Finally, the crew are included in the rate (they are all salaried professionals). However, in this high luxury industry it is customary to tip the crew; and as a broker I would be recommending that around $50k USD (split between 15 crew) would be an appropriate tip for a one week charter.

    So all in, allow half a million USD. But for that, I guarantee a week to remember!

  15. I believe I just had the privilege of seeing this yacht on the intracostal. After reading the article I did notice it mentioned the owner personally supports the less fortunate. I would love to be placed on that list. What an amazing story to go along with an amazing yacht.

  16. I personally find it a bit too much! Not my cup of tea… even if I had all money in the world. Having said that there is many extremely amazing sailing boats which I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on :)

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