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If you haven’t heard of Walltik before, you might just like to take a look. Describing itself perhaps a little cryptically as an “ecoystems of interests”, the best means of getting to grips with what it does is to try it first hand. In short, Walltik allows you to create, share and discover items of interest to you. So, if like me you have a love for luxury travel, you can quickly and easily bring information on that subject, from a variety of sources, to your browser.

On registering you are asked to select the interests you like, with options including everything from music and fashion to travel and tourism. Alternatively, you can enter your own categories if your preferred interests are not listed or you want to be more specific, or Walltik will even suggest recommendations of its own based on other selections that you make.


In addition, you can follow specific blogs or websites. The page for A Luxury Travel Blog for example can be found here. Add websites that interest you, select items that you come across to add them to your other interests or explore the profiles of others in order to unearth new finds.

A Luxury Travel Blog on Walltik

You can even add people you know by email, Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and Walltik’s algorithms will use this information to further help you home in on your key areas of interest.

In fact, you’ll find the relevancy of your ‘ecosystems’ improves the more you use Walltik, thus making the technology ever more powerful. For a three-minute overview, watch the video below:

Sound interesting? Give Walltik a try and let us know what you think…

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