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The most expensive ski resorts in Europe

A recent survey from TravelMag.com compared all important ski resorts in Europe based on the cost of their lodging. Boasting nine out of the ten most expensive resorts on the continent, Austria and France dominate the rankings. The most expensive of all European resorts is the Ischgl resort, located in the Austrian state of Tyrol. There guests will have to spend an average of 346 euros for the most affordable double room during the months of February and March. It must be pointed out that only such hotels situated well inside the respective resorts and rated at least 3 stars were considered by the survey. Ischgl France’s famous Val d’Isère and Tignes resort, which together form the Espace Killy ski area, ended up as second and fourth most expensive, respectively. Average rates of 326 and 286 euros placed both in the Top 5. Switzerland’s most expensive resort is Verbier, located in the southwestern section of the country in the canton of Valais. With an average rate of 236 euros for the least expensive double room, Verbier ranks as the seventh most expensive resort in Europe. The following table lists the 10 costliest ski resorts in Europe. The rates indicated reflect the price travelers will have to spend, on average, for the most affordable double room inside each respective resort during the months of February and March 2014. 1. Ischgl (Austria) 346 Euros 2. Val-d’Isère (France) 326 Euros 3. St. Anton (Austria) 323 Euros 4. Tignes (France) 286 Euros 5. Val Thorens (France) 256 Euros 6. Zurs (Austria) 249 Euros 7. Verbier (Switzerland) 236 Euros 8. Sölden (Austria) 234 Euros 9. Kitzbühel (Austria) 232 Euros 10. Les Gets (France) 226 Euros For the full results of the survey, see https://www.travelmag.com/articles/most-expensive-ski-resorts-europe/

Paul Johnson

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  1. Well for those that are really addicted to skiing, it’s like collecting and travelling. You want to experience a new place and check it off from your bucket list, no matter the cost sometimes. Great that you posted the list in terms of Expensive on down in Euros.

  2. This is a very useful article especially for anyone with aspirations of heading out into mainland Europe for a skiing excursion. I am a little surprised that Val-d’Isère is not number 1 in terms of being most expensive. I have a friend that went there and felt that everything was overpriced, but maybe that’s just because of the reputation it has throughout the ski world rather than the actual quality of the pistes.

    I have never been skiing before and am not sure that any of these locations would be ideal for a newbie, maybe I need to start on one of the local artificial slopes before heading for these awesome resorts.

  3. The Austrian resorts are all so pretty, especially at dusk with a blanket of snow. I’ve not been to Ischgl but I hear the food there is superb, with a superb bill to match no doubt. Would love to find out for myself one day!

  4. It would be interesting to see what happened to the prices in the summer… As a non skier (did a day and that was ample) I love the idea of the Alps in the summer as having driven through en route to Lake Garda the resorts as just stunning and so peaceful! I imagine the room prices and the restaurant prices would drop a little?

    Interesting that Andermatt isn’t on there – I imagine the new Chedi may have upped the price of that location now!!

  5. This is a very useful piece for luxury skiiers. I love the photo of the Ischgl resort, it’s really beautiful. It even inspires a non-skiier like me to consider going there.

  6. congratulations, you must work for the Courcheval tourist office, because it is undeniably the most outrageously priced resort in Europe.
    Or didn’t you go?

  7. What about Courchevel 1850 by LVMH and Le Melezin by Aman Resorts? Surely they’d top these for price?

    As always, interesting to see what their methods are.

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