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The best baguettes in Paris

Walking towards the metro with the promise of sunshine teasing me from behind a few grey  clouds, I  noticed  not one, not two but several Parisians enjoying a petite dejeuner,  a fresh baguette right out of the bag!  That vision drove me to find the perfect baguette in the City of Light, and I think I’ve succeeded! Nestled on a little side street of the 7th arrondissement, a little more than a peek around the corner,  is Stéphane Secco,  locally and fondly dubbed, the pink bakery.  They have just what you need in those too early hours of the day  as well as right before you head back home for a verre de vin, you will be glad you found it! It’s my must-go place everytime I’m in Paris.
The first time I walked into the pink bakery, my mouth watered with that oh so wonderful smell of butter, butter butter somehow magically woven into bread and pastries and  my eyes were delighted by the choices before me.  With so many wonderful looking treats, it was hard to walk out with just a baguette.  But the baguette was the perfect choice for an afternoon snack! Secco has achieved the perfect balance of a crunchy  outside and perfectly chewy inside. Leaving with my baguette I seemed to fit right in with the other Parisians snacking on their baguettes as they strolled through the streets.  And don’t forget to hide some Madeleines  for later..they are the best in Paris!
(Note: there can be a long line at breakfast and lunch, but trust me, it’s 100% worth the wait!) Chloe Johnston is the CEO at CJ Shopping Tours.

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