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Top 5 South American places to explore in Spring

South America is best to be explored in between the months of October and April, which makes it the best destination in the winter and spring months. With such a varied continent and many sights to discover, it’s hard to pin point where you should explore within this 7-month period. Lets take a look at the top 5 places in South America you should explore. Walk alongside the Iguazu Falls, Brazil & Argentina The Iguazu Falls in Brazil and Argentina lives up the hype made by the many travellers who experience it. Created by a volcanic eruption that occurred about one hundred million years ago, they are wider than both the Niagara and the Victoria Falls, which is pretty astonishing. Iguazu Falls 275 individual water falls make up the Iguazu Falls but decreases in the wet season when rain falls down from a great height and the falls merge together and it takes at least two days to explore the falls on foot – with the Brazilian side offering the best panoramic views whilst the Argentine side provides a much closer view in person. Catch the game at Campo Argentino del Polo Argentinians love their horses and their sport so it’s no coincidence that they are huge fans of polo. In the district of Palermo, the 1918 stadium is home to the most important championships in the global calendar. If you’d rather get involved, you can find several out of town trips to ranches, where you’ll learn the basics with the assistance of top, extremely well trained polo horses before finishing the day with a delicious asado (barbecue). Take a tour along Chile’s wine route It’s an uncommon fact that Chile has known about wine a long time before Argentina and offers it at a fraction of the cost. Rosario, the Bio Bio Valleys and the Maipo Valley are popular wine destinations in Chile, with one of the first vineyards planted by the Spanish conquistadors in the mid-16th Century. One popular option for tourists is the wine train, which leaves Santiago and takes you on a 2-hour bus ride where you can sample local reds before hitting the wineries upon arrival. Head for Cuenca Cuenca is a popular city in South America and Ecuador’s cultural centre with eternal spring like weather and the gateway to the Inca highway and the Ingapirca and Cajas National Park. Cuenca Ecuador Upon entering Cuence, the large blue domes you can see from everywhere in the city belong to Cuenca’s Cathedral of Immaculate Conception is one of the largest in the Americas. On closer inspection, you’ll find its interior covered with marble and alabaster combined with beautiful stained-glass windows on display, especially when the sun is shining through. Explore Cotopaxi Volcano While you’re in Ecuador, locate the Cotopaxi Volcano; the county’s second tallest volcano and one of the worlds tallest active ones which stands at 5,897 metres, packed with activities for the adventurous tourist. Cotopaxi Whilst many aren’t ready to climb it, you can explore it down hill on one of the mountain biking trips. Drive up to the car park which is 4,500 metres above sea level to not only experience a great view but to park up and jump on mountain bikes for the speedy ride back down to 3,330 metres above sea level. Alison Crabb is a Director at Exsus.

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  1. So timely! I am visiting Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina for 3 months this year! Appreciate this article!

  2. I´m living in Ecuador since almost five years ago. Cuenca is an amazing city and a lot of people from United States are arriving for retirement. In the last 3 years is awesome all the people arrived to this city and for sure have a very good future :)

    best regards

    David Brito

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