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Top 5 restaurants in Mexico

One of the main reasons people visit and revisit Mexico is due to its aromatic and unique cuisine, which over the years has been adopted by various other countries. But there’s nothing quite like experiencing a delicious meal in its country of origin, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 restaurants in Mexico. So, whether your ideal Mexican meal consists of fresh guacamole or a stack of delicious churros, our comprehensive list should inspire your palate and next vacation destination. Pujol Repeatedly voted as one of the world’s best restaurants, Pujol is a contemporary establishment boasting a banquet of delicious dishes. Putting a modern spin on national Mexican dishes, Pujol creates a unique and delicious dining experience that you won’t forget in a hurry. Feast upon dishes such as fried pork belly with purslane and potato, followed by papaya with yoghurt, honey and crystallised lemon, washed down with the restaurant’s selection of wines and spirits. Pujol Pujol enjoys a relaxed and social atmosphere, with elegant appointments that will provide the perfect setting for any special occasion. Azul Condesa Having opened over a decade ago, Azul Condesa has gone from strength to strength, always keeping up to date with the latest trends in cuisine. Today, the restaurant serves authentic Mexican cuisine, with a European twist to some dishes. Azul Condesa Tuck into such culinary delights as roast duck fritters with a black mole sauce, followed by perfectly grilled flank steak seasoned with authentic Mexican spices. You’ll soon be feeling like a local after a few dinners at this wonderful restaurant! Finca Los Vaqueros Considered a carnivore’s heaven, Finca Los Vaqueros specialises in grilled meats with simple but delectable side dishes.  If you are after a real, sincere taste of Mexico then you need look no further than here. The menu is stripped back, allowing the restaurant’s chefs to focus on cooking their specialities to perfection. Order the BBQ platter, which is ideal for sharing with friends and family; packed with 3 different kinds of meat, all seasoned to perfection, the platter also comes with a fresh salad, lightly dressed in oil and balsamic. Finca Los Vaqueros is an open space, making it the ideal venue for casual group meals with your loved ones. Jaso Often hailed as one of Mexico’s greatest restaurants, Jaso features “contemporary American” cuisine with an Asian twist, and only employs fresh and seasonal ingredients. The moment you step foot inside the spacious restaurant, you will know you have arrived at the heart of culinary excellence. Jaso’s contemporary furnishings pave the way for what will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable meals of your life. Begin your dining experience with an amuse bouche of mint and almond cappuccino, and end it with the restaurant’s famous ice cream tasting platter, guaranteed to set your taste buds afire. Maximo Bistrot Local Priding itself on serving fresh and local cuisine, Maximo Bistrot Local is a wonderful little spot for you to come and enjoy a delicious meal with friends and family. Maximo Bistrot Local Enjoy authentic Mexican dishes that are made using only organic and locally sourced ingredients from a menu that changes daily, ensuring you experience a unique taste with each visit. Matthew Coe is Online Marketing Manager for Wanderforth.

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  1. Interesting their analysis left out BIKO which is the other michellin star rated dinning place.

    Then again, best italian food is at OSTERIA del BECCO… trust me you won[t be disappointed.

  2. In the entire country—really? How many cities have you been to in order to make this assumption? There are better restaurants than Jaso and Los Vasqueros just in D.F. (Dulce Patria, Rosetta, Biko), then there are great ones in Oaxaca, Puebla, San Miguel…

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