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Top luxury travel essentials for pets

Pets are more than just pets – they are members of the family! So it’s no surprise that more and more pet-owners are traveling with their furry companions in tow. In fact, it’s been reported that over half of pet-owners have their animals accompany them while on trips. With the rise of pet-friendly accommodations, having Fido partake in your next getaway is becoming even more feasible. Establishments such as Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants have over 60 US locations that are completely pet-friendly, regardless of breed, size and weight. Even airports work to keep your pets feeling pampered. Some feature grassy parks or pet bathrooms for your dog or cat’s convenience – JFK, ATL, LAX and the San Diego International Airport are just a few examples in a rather decent list of pet-friendly airports.

Kimpton Luxury Hotels Pet Friendly

To further enhance your pet’s travel experience, a multitude of travel solutions have been made available to keep your furry companion feeling as comfortable and secure as possible. We’ve culled the options down to a handful of items, both practical and luxurious–as these are the type of investments that will help your canine or feline-friend enjoy their holiday as much as you!

To create a home away from home

Comfort is the key to luxury and this principle also applies to your pet’s travel experience. Fortunately for them, leading travel and lifestyle brand, Tumi, has teamed up with Cloud 7, a Berlin-based pet accessories label. The collaboration brings pet-owners a selection of durable and stylish travel essentials, perfect for staging a cozy haven for your pet. Our favorites? The Pet Carrier is a sleek choice for animals weighing up to 25 lbs and offers optimized utility features: mesh windows for ventilation, handy, outside pockets and even a detachable shoulder strap that converts to a leash. When your furry friend is ready to sprawl out and relax, have them recline on the matching Travel Bed. Available in two sizes, the Travel Bed is lined with plush, easy-to-clean wool and folds up nicely for easy transport.

Tumi Cloud 7

To reduce anxiety

Pets are creatures of habit. Some may have a harder time than others once their routine is upset, making it more difficult to adjust to travel. Using aromatherapy helps pets to associate a scent, such as lavender, with a positive experience. For a few weeks leading up to your trip, wear a dab of this essential oil while grooming your pet or giving them treats. Later, use the same methods while on travel or carry around convenient, lavender-infused towelettes such as those by Herban Essentials. To further combat your pet’s anxiety, you can try special apparel by Thundershirt. This product works with an animal’s pressure points. The garment “hugs” your pet, instilling a calming effect that is completely medication-free.


To prioritize safety

If your travel plans include a road-trip with your pet, do be sure to think of safety first! Increasing incidents of pet-related automobile accidents have prompted the release of quality harnesses. Designed to keep your pet safe and secure, harnesses also prevent your pet from distracting the driver, giving you peace of mind (whether you’re the one driving or not). A variety of options are available, from the Ruff Rider Roadie Seatbelt (meant for routine drives) to the Clickit Dog Harness (meant to withstand impact).

Clickit pet harnass seatbelt

Have you recently taken a trip with your furry companion? Please share and leave a comment below with your own tried-and-true tips for traveling with your pet! Grace Yco is the Digital Marketing Manager at ViX Paula Hermanny.

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  1. We try to travel with our furkids as much as possible, actually rearrange our vacations and where we stay to accomodate them. Much better stress wise for them and us, as well as great socialization. Thanks for sharing the travel ideas.

  2. Making sure your pet feels comfortable and safe during the travelling period is essential. I really like the look of that carrier. It is so important to make sure the carrier is the right size and the correct type. I’ve never really heard of using aromatherapy as a method of calming a pet. Is there a chance that they could become dependent on the scent?

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