Top 7 beaches in Mexico

Why do so many people flock to Mexico year after year? Well, besides the nation’s hospitality and exotic cuisine, Mexico is renowned for its plethora of stunning beaches. Whether you are the type of traveller who loves spending all day sunbathing or exploring the coral reefs that lurk beneath crystal clear waters, Mexico has a beach to suit your needs.

We’ve mapped out a list of the top 7 beaches in Mexico to give you a good idea of what to expect on your Mexican beach getaway.

Playa del Amor

Also known as “Lover’s Beach”, this remarkable beach appears as a gaping hole in the verdant island it is located on. It is a sight that must be seen up close and personal to truly appreciate the natural architecture that has formed this secretive cove.

Playa del Amor

Boasting ample sunlight, shade and sparkling waters, hours can be whiled away sunbathing or enjoying a dip in the refreshing waters, all whilst enjoying the unique environment of Playa del Amor.

Chileno Beach

If you are a water sports enthusiast then you are sure to appreciate the diving and snorkelling opportunities which Chileno Beach provides.

Chileno Beach

Enjoying calm turquoise waters, hours can be spent here exploring the underwater paradise that resides beach the ocean’s surface. An abundance of tropical fish are waiting to greet you, and are not shy of a little human companionship!

Playa Zicatela

Voted one of Mexico’s best beaches, Playa Zicatela is considered ideal for surfing. The beach’s powerful currents make it ideal for the extreme sport, and annual surfing championships are held here during August/September. Even if you do not surf, it is always entertaining to sit and watch the surfers riding the waves.

Playa Zicatela

It is not advisable to go swimming at this beach, as the underwater currents can be powerful.

Chankanaab Bay

Perfect for a day excursion, Chankanaab Bay is a picturesque beach that is situated nearby plenty of cafes and bars for you to frequent, only after a bout of snorkelling of course.

A wealth of sealife and coral reefs await you, and will prove for an unforgettable underwater adventure when you visit this charming beach.

Akumal Beach

Another great beach for snorkelling, Akumal Beach is a great spot for honeymooners and adrenaline junkies alike.

Akumal Beach

Dive underneath the ocean’s surface and discover the myriad of sealife that resides beneath. Akumal Beach is renowned for how many giant sea turtles frequent the area, and if you are lucky you will be able to see some as well!

Tulum Ruins Beach

Surely one of Mexico’s most stunning beach, Tulum Ruins Beach is located at the site of the Mayan ruins, providing one of the most amazing backdrops.

Tulum Ruins Beach

Spend the day reclining on powder-soft sands, or go for a walk and learn about Mexico’s early ancestors. A visit to Tulum Ruins Beach proves for an unforgettable day out, that’s for sure!

Punta Bete

While away the hours on Punta Bete, an intimate beach perfect for sunbathing and swimming.

As it is a lesser known beach, you won’t have to worry about intrusive crowds spoiling your relaxing getaway here, and can focus on some much needed R&R!

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