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5 reasons to visit Anguilla this Summer

Not the most famous Caribbean island, Anguilla is a holiday destination people are really missing out on. With its expansive beaches, fine dining and luxury villa accommodation, it makes a wonderful retreat for honeymooners, families and solo travellers. Here we’ve brought together five of the reasons you should consider Anguilla for your summer break. Island Harbour Anguilla has only recently become popular with tourists and the resorts and luxury followed. Despite this, some of the finest parts of the island are the hidden gems. Island Harbour is a traditional fishing village to the west end of the island. You can enjoy the local culture in a natural and leisurely way and even hire a local boat out the Scilly Cay, an off-shore island complete with famous seafood restaurant. Island Harbour Go offshore Experiencing the waters around Anguilla is something every visitor must do. Enjoy snorkelling and lounging aboard the deck of a luxurious boat before picnicking on the beach. Prickly Pear Cay and Sandy Island are amongst the most popular hotspots. There are plenty of captains with boats heading out there regularly. Offshore - Prickly Pear Cay Pelican Trail Pelican Bay has been a renowned attraction for years but it had been really difficult for tourists in Anguilla to reach. This has all changed through the development of a feat of engineering and a new tourist attraction in itself. To reach Pelican Bay you have to hike the Pelican Trail: a 400-step stairway which descends 200 feet down to sea level, giving you the chance to enjoy the bay. It’s worth it for the views and to experience a strenuous but invigorating hike. Pelicans Tour the old salt factory Anguilla’s earliest colonists didn’t have much success with crops so instead it because a leading area for salt production. You can tour the old salt factory in Sandy Ground and see exactly how the salt from the earth and water was originally turned into the usable and edible varieties. There’s also the pumphouse nearby which you can also tour and enjoy a meal in the restaurant it is now home to. Salt factory Enjoy the art Anguilla is home to two thriving art galleries and many other smaller venues around the isle. The Savannah Gallery and the Loblolly Gallery offer a range of different pieces to observe. The Savannah Gallery has many native Anguillan artist’s work as well as contemporary work from other areas of the Caribbean. The Loblolly gallery has an extensive collection of Haitian art as well as a gallery focused on local artists. Anguilla is an island that people choose to relax in the sun and not think about what else they could be doing. Hopefully this post will give you some options if you decide to part from your deckchair and see what else the island has to offer.

James Mannings is Co-Founder of Top Villas.

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James Mannings

James Mannings is Co-Director of Top Villas.

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  1. we really love Anguilla, but we think the destination is so hard to reach from the european mainland. When will this change?

  2. Where did you get your information for this blog post? Island Harbour is in the East, not the West, we don’t need to hire a boat to get to Scilly Cay, there haven’t been salt industry tours for a few years, the Loblolly Gallery closed maybe ten years ago, Pelican Bay was never a renowned attraction and the Trail seems to have gone broke a couple years ago.

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