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Top 5 reasons to take a Tanzania safari

They call Tanzania the giraffe of Africa and this is no surprise, it does indeed look down on it’s neighbours as they experience political unrest, terrorism and crime – Tanzania itself experiences none of these things. This peaceful and safe country not only offers a haven for the more nervous travelers, but also offers so much to the intrepid explorer. Tanzania is the home of many of Africa’s most luxurious safari properties, and luxury Tanzania safaris certainly don’t disappoint. Relaxing in Tanzania Here are our top five reasons to visit Tanzania this year: 1.  Off the beaten track safaris Tanzania is one of the only places in Africa which still manages to offer vast open spaces, without another soul in sight, but with abundant wildlife. It feels like the Africa of old times, before some areas became over populated with tourists. Some of the best areas are hidden amongst tourist heavy locations – for instance Manyara Ranch and Chem Chem both sit in between Lake Manyara National Park and Tarangire, but when you stay there you won’t see another soul. Of course Western and Southern Tanzania offer safaris which are so wild you will feel as if you are at the end of the earth, and can encounter everything from chimpanzees to a thousand strong herds of buffalo. Lion and buffalo in Tanzania 2.  The people The Tanzanians are heaven – they are some of the most friendly, intelligent and charismatic people in Africa and it is they who will make your stay unforgettable. If you travel up to Northern Tanzania you will also encounter the Tanzanian Masai, predominantly around the Ngorongoro Crater – their colourful shukas and beaded offerings are wonderful. For the top Masai cultural experience in Tanzania stay at Nduara Loliondo in the Eastern Serengeti. 3. The wildebeest It is a little known fact that you can see the Wildebeest Migration for 10 months of the year in Tanzania’s Serengeti, not just in Kenya’s Masai Mara for 2 months! If you travel to Tanzania between January and March you might even see the cows giving birth, which offers much drama. Stay at Serengeti Safari Camp if you want personal luxury and you are guaranteed to see this amazing natural spectacle. 4.  The safari lodges and camps Tanzania boasts some of the most unique, magical, life changing safaris camps and lodges in all of Africa. Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is perhaps the most famous, and although the Crater itself can be a little busy, this luxury lodge with its own entrance to the Crater allows guests to get down there nice and early before the crowds. Singita Grumeti offer several mind blowing properties in the Serengeti, all in remote areas, all equally as unique. This category could not go ahead of course, without a mention of Sand Rivers in the Selous, which is by far the best lodge in Tanzania. Lodge in Tanzania 5. Zanzibar  Tanzania has Zanzibar – Zanzibar is full of history and is fascinating if you do decide to visit old forts, and historical sites – the beaches are white sand with tropical azure Indian Ocean waters and excellent diving and snorkeling. For something ultra exclusive and remote why not give Pemba or Mafia Island a go. A night spent at Fundu Lagoon is incredibly relaxing, and a night spent in the underwater room at Manta Reef is a must. Rose Hipwood is Managing Director of The Luxury Safari Company. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Having more than a quarter of the country covered by national parks, game reserves and conservation areas, full of vegetation that support varieties of wildlife that range from birds to animals including the big five makes Tanzania a popular destination in Africa. The country is also the home to the highest mountain in Africa; Mountain Kilimanjaro and the world’s second deepest lake; Lake Tanganyika.

  2. Serenity in the Serengeti is extraordinary, also Oldupai Gorge where remains of the earlier humans were found is very interesting. Last but not least, the incredible amount of its Mega-fauna.

  3. Having lived in TZ for 3 years I can only agree!
    One of my favourite moments was a coincidental dip with whale-sharks off Mafia island..

  4. Tanzania is a safari destination . The country has it all and its ready to receive good proportion of the tourism share. without forgetting the lake Tanganyika and the chimpanzees of Gombe and Mahale parks

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