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Top 10 sunglasses to keep you looking stylish this Summer

Looking for a pair of sunglasses that will keep you looking stylish this Summer? Then look no further… whether you’re simply looking to deflect the sun, hide a hangover, spice up your outfit, or make a fashion staement… here are 10 of the best to keep you looking stylish throughout the Summer months. DARTY from Nectar Nectar is all about having fun and staying ahead of the trends. With this DARTY frame they have embossed logos with blue/green tinted lenses. Available in Polarized and UV400 protection, they come in a wide variety of variations. Wear them at the pool, beach or around town. Nectar sunglasses Luxuriator Style 23 sunglasses from Dolce & Gabbana 18 carat yellow gold frames and 132 hand-set pave diamonds gives the Luxuriator Style 23 sunglasses from Dolce & Gabbana a total carat weight of 3.45. This ultra-luxurious eyewear has buffalo ivory temples and an eye-watering price tag of $65,000, putting it among the most expensive sunglasses in the world. Luxuriator sunglasses Aviator sunglasses from Ray Ban These flash lens Aviator sunglasses from Ray Ban are both chic and discreet. Their mirrored coating not only reduces glare, but will aslo deflect envious glances. Made in Italy, they come with golden metal frames, 100% UV protection, padded ear pieces and Ray Ban’s iconic Aviator design – the style worn by pilots during World War II as well as by many celebrities since. Aviator sunglasses from Ray Ban Barton Perriera sunglasses from Lugano Diamonds World-renowned jeweller Lugano Diamonds has come out with a new set of sunglasses designed by Barton Perriera that feature frames inlaid with clear and coloured diamonds. You can choose from various options including gold sunglasses with pink lenses and 2.85 carats of pink diamonds as well as this leopard print option with 3.59 carats of black diamonds to go with a light brown tone on the lenses. Sunglasses from Lugano Diamonds Pop Power 2 from Christian Roth Be the star of your own adventure. Don’t be afraid to be the hero – after all fashion eyewear glory never goes to the timid. The new Christian Roth ‘ready-to-wear’ shades have arrived. Exclusively available in the Christian Roth official online shop is this hyper-glamorous shape with clean lines and contrast details that add a graphic sophistication, with a sexy out-sized full brown marble cat-eye with burned orange and red polka dot details. Connect the dots! Superb craftsmanship features the unexpected and mismatched colouration details. Luxurious acetate. Handmade in Italy. Christian Roth sunglasses on Laurenne Juliet PIERO from Oliver Goldsmith Founded in 1926 and a family-run business for over 80 years, Oliver Goldsmith has become the primary source for contemporary sunglasses. Dress designers, royalty and celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn and Michael Caine approached the brand to make eyewear for them and history was set in stone. Today, the company is still synonymous with stars and style – with beautiful handmade replicas of the original designs available to buy. Piero sunglasses The PIERO was originally designed in 1970. Made from lightweight gunmetal, with beautiful Zeiss lenses, it’s a perfect choice for summer.’ Serengeti Aerial from Shade Station Serengeti sunglasses are pioneers in their own right, with the three pillars of Serengeti design including photochromic lenses, polarisation and Spectral Control which enhances the vivid nature of light and blocks distracting blue light rays. Because of this, the Serengeti Aerial is a stylish, modern sunglass that is part of the Classic and flagship Pilot styles. The frames on the Aerial are stunningly lightweight and sturdy, with a Drivers gradient. Serengeti Aerial Lenses used in the Serengeti Aerial sunglass are photochromic, and the frames fuse the artisanal element of the brand with a brilliantly strong, remarkably robust exterior that holds the lenses together beautifully. Striving to redefine the modern sunglass at its very roots, the Aerial together fantastically. Andy Warhol self-portrait sunglasses from RETROSUPERFUTURE Using photographic collages from Andy Warhol’s Photo Booth Self-Portrait series, the Andy Warhol Foundation collaborated with Milan-based RETROSUPERFUTURE on a line of artsy eyewear. The Andy Warhol self-portrait sunglasses come in four styles: América, Ciccio, Classic, and Drew, each with translucent grey frames, Warhol’s signature on the inside, and a matching limited edition box. Andy Warhol sunglasses Serpenti sunglasses from Bulgari Synonymous with the Bulgari fashion house since the late 1940s, the Serpenti serves as ostentatious inspiration for many a precious Bulgari piece. Now, precious snake scales enrich the new Serpenti sunglasses shape. Temple tips feature snake tails to complete the look. Serpenti sunglasses from Bulgari Bentley Platinum sunglasses from Estede When two luxury blands come together, the results can be exquisite and this is exactly what happened when vehicle maker Bentley joined forces with bespoke eyewear specialist Estede to produce their limited edition pure gold sunglasses. With a frame that’s been perfectly handcraft and balanced, platinum, yellow gold and white gold have been used to come up these much-coveted sunglasses. Bentley Platinum sunglasses  

Paul Johnson

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  1. there is such a choice these days, it used to just be oakley! We tend to buy new ones at the airport, with some fizz courage typically! A top tip my husband found was to keep asking what else there is, the assistant had other glasses not on display that she dug out when she understood what he was looking for!

  2. Great collection here Paul though I have to admit I am an Oakley fan! I have never liked Ray Ban’s or Aviator’s but honestly your collection here really is pretty stylish and I am sure will appeal to a wide market of tourists and travelers.

    My only problem with sunglasses is the price you pay for them! I am sure that many of these are at the ‘high-end’ market which is perfectly fine for the luxury travelers but it’s tough making yourself pay such high amounts for something you don’t always use (I guess you could say that about many things in life but it’s all about priorities).

  3. “Luxuriator Style 23 sunglasses from Dolce & Gabbana… This ultra-luxurious eyewear has buffalo ivory temples…”

    Yeah, I’d love to have a buffalo killed just to have these sunglasses; thanks D&G!

    I’ve had my Ray Ban Wayfearers for a long time, they’re great.

  4. Hm, I haven’t seen the Serengeti sunglasses yet, but they look really slick! I have to look on how much they cost.

    Anyway – IMHO you are missing Ray Ban’s Wayfarers, true classic, which you can wear anywhere, anytime, hangover or not :)

  5. Nice post. All the sunglsses brands are top rated. Please also add the Oakley and Silhouette in the list.:)

  6. I haven’t seen the Serengeti sunglasses yet, but they appear to be rather stylish! I’ll have to see how much they’re going to cost.

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