Drinks on the helipad at The Peninsula Shanghai

As part of ILTM (International Luxury Travel Market) 2014 in Shanghai – an invitation-only event bringing together la crème de la crème of the luxury travel industry, I was invited to a VIP media welcome party to celebrate the opening of the event. This was an opportunity to experience the height of luxury and indulge in the most stunning views of the historic Bund and Pudong skyline from one of the best vantage points in Shanghai – the helipad and the Rosamonde Aviation Lounge at The Peninsula Shanghai.

On arrival at the Rosamonde Aviation Lounge we were each presented with a ‘boarding pass’ before taking an elevator up to the helipad to marvel at the stunning view from above a meander in Shanghai’s Huangpu River. Here are a few photographs to share with you from what proved to be a very enjoyable evening. There’s also a panoramic shot that I took of the view that doesn’t quite fit with the image sizes we use on the blog, but can be viewed here.

Helipad boarding pass

Helipad bar plane


Helipad stewardesses

Helipad view

Helipad staff

Helipad bar

Helipad bar drink


Comments (7)

  1. Ken Kai says:

    Is that last pic a cocktail? I can’t work it out!

    Is this like making the perfect kind of cocktail using science? Similar to what Heston does, but with liquids. I like it anyway.

  2. Paul Johnson says:

    Yes, Ken… a cocktail with dry ice, I believe…

  3. Nguyen says:

    How big is Shanghai port? I have seen many old movies about this place and it was described to be a very busy and expensive city. Do they have many casino there as well? ;-)

  4. Jeremy says:

    Just priceless views from an exclusive party … hope you had an excellent time there, despite all the work that went into creating the posts from this trip!

  5. James Hemer says:

    I hope that you really enjoyed your trip to shanghai paul. Also thanks for sharing the amazing view that you have taken from your camera. I feel that you are lucky one who visited the such a great event.

  6. You are really a lucky person to be there. I feel happy to see your snaps. I like more trips news from you.

  7. Maya Angelou says:

    You are really a lucky person to be there. I feel happy to see your snaps. I like more trips news from you. Thank You.

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