Photograph of the week: Sunset at Bell Gorge in Australia's rugged Kimberley

The Gibb River Road is one of Australia‘s great adventure journeys and is home to some spectacular landscapes. Remote and sparsely populated, this legendary road trip takes you through ancient lands, awesome gorges and incredibly beautiful waterfalls where you can swim in freshwater pools. The wildlife is abundant and the scenery is amazing. Spanning 660 kilometres across the top of Western Australia, it is a true slice of outback Australia.

Bell Gorge, Gibb River Road, Australia

Bell Gorge is one of the most dramatic landscapes along the Gibb River Road. The powerful waterfall drops into a deep clear pool, ringed by a horseshoe-shaped orange wall. You’re able to swim right up to the falls, and the numerous flat rock ledges are the ideal spot to sunbake after a refreshing dip.

Thank you to Luke Gerson of Kimberley Australia Guide for permission to re-produce the image.

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  1. Ken Kai says:

    Ah, I’ve got to head into the Australian outback again soon. I’ve been on the coast for too long!

    I love these kind of spots though. They’re so peaceful and relaxing.

  2. The photo looks beautiful! And to swim there just would be absolutely amazing…I wonder though how crowded the swimming might actually be.

  3. Hi Paul,

    We just did a quick trip through Sidney recently while heading to Fiji.

    The Outback is definitely on our list, and seeing photos like these is nudging us in the right direction.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    I’ll tweet in a bit.


  4. ani says:

    Absolutely gorgeous photo- Australia is the only continent I haven’t visited yet!! This photo has totally tempted me into making it my next destination coz I love waterfalls

  5. Mat Lewis says:

    Awesome picture Paul! This really is a special part of the world and unlike anywhere else.

    If you want to experience the Kimberley in all its glory then I’d definitely recommend a helicopter flight – absolutely spectacular!

  6. yes these are beautiful eye attracting scenes and everyone who will see these landscapes in Australia especially Gibb River Road will feel amazing heart pleasures. Great work Paul. Thanks

  7. Lynda says:

    ah Australia , i always wanted to visit this place, amazing photos please post more if you have and suggest some more and better places for this summer

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